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Northwest Territory apparel, etc.
October 21, 2017 - 8:54 am

Hi Beth,

Thanks for your site!

Been searching the internet for someone who agrees: Way too much plastic in this world!
Just got back from the only K-Mart remaining in the Phoenix, AZ area(Tolleson). Found some very nice looking and fitting… dressy kind of shirts made by Northwest Territory(made in Bangladesh). Problem is this: I tried the two shirts on over the T-shirt I was wearing, forgetting the fact that this shirt manufacturer loves to put together its 100% cotton shirts with plastic lining and stitching. I’ve got a sixth sense for detecting plastic on my skin. It does not breath. It’s scratchy. It’s hot. It’s like they’re putting together their “100% cotton” with monofilament plastic fishing line. Not to mention the tags made of “bottle material”… PLASTIC 😞 Tomorrow, I return them both.

Thanks again for your site!
Mike Czysh
Waldo, WI
Sun City, AZ(snowbird)

The only way to get rid of plastic is to BURN it. HOT! My motto: Recycle, Reuse, Compost, INCINERATE THE REST…WASTE-TO-ENERGY!!! Liberals on Wisconsin’s DNR board in the late 80’s imposed L.A.E.R. “Lowest Achievable Emission Rate” Another intrusive “LAW” shoved down our throats. This time by some Wisconsin Al Gore type liberals in the late 1980s while China’s third world will always pollute. Growing their economy every day. Fossil fuel wasted sending raw materials there, more wasted shipping it back(much of it , plastic). if you can’t recycle or burn plastics, THE MANUFACTURE(R) should be boycotted. Don’t be a dupe, most of this junk ends up on the stupid landfill, not like the utopian liberals of the DNRs of the world want you to believe. Find that old burn barrel and/or (re)open some regional incinerators. There’s more than one kind of environmentalist!

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