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microwave safe?
November 17, 2009 - 3:29 pm

Hi guys,

Anybody have any plastic-free, microwave safe, portable container ideas – that also seal? I like hot lunches I prepare myself but work in an office where the kitchenette is a microwave on a counter in a corner (no sink, and hotplates are grounds for dismissal). I use pyrex usually, but the lids are… some form of blue rubber/plastic stuff, unappealing. I was just wondering if anybody had any ideas. I guess metal tins or ceramic cannisters (with a silicone or rubber o-ring seal, the kind my grandma keeps sugar in) could be transferred to a real plate or bowl pilfered from the cafeteria, but I was wondering if anybody had any other ideas?



Beth Terry
409 Posts
November 17, 2009 - 4:27 pm

Hi EJ. What I do is bring my lunch in a sealable metal container (like the ones from Life Without Plastic (http://fakeplasticfish.com/200…..-airtight/) and then heat it up in a separate bowl when I get to work. The bowl can be washed out in the bathroom sink if there’s no kitchen sink.

Another idea is to use your Pyrex with the plastic lids to carry your lunch and then remove the lid and put a non-plastic saucer over the container in the microwave. We actually use saucers for all sorts of things at our house. We don’t own that many containers with lids, so we store food in bowls in the refrigerator and stick a saucer on top. This makes stacking easier too. Keep in mind, though, that unless the saucer and bowl are glass, you will need to remember that’s in there or label it in some way. Obviously, this solution is not airtight and is only meant for leftovers that won’t be kept very long.

November 18, 2009 - 5:53 pm

thanks Beth! I didn’t realize the metal ones sealed airtight. I use the saucer/bowl combo a lot – it’s stackable too. Mixing bowls and serving platters make good containers for the large stuff, but my mixing bowl is metal. I think those cheap disposable plastic things took up that cognitive space in my brain and physical space in my kitchen for too long. Sometimes eliminating plastic from life feels like looking around a corner without a mirror, but it’s usually easier than it feels at first :D

November 29, 2011 - 2:15 pm

i recently have gone with the following compromise, since i bike and weight is also an issue. and i don't go to one dedicated work place, constantly changing, sometimes public spaces with only a microwave


steel lunch containers

palm leaf compostable plates in microwave and for eating (use a few times if you can)

zelco steel utensils (when they are dirty put back in container)

a produce bag for carrying home any dirty dishes. i rinse them quickly at work before putting them away


having said that, i have been tired of the hassle of hot lunches lately and just bring codl sandwiches mostly.


i used to use pyrex, but was pretty heavy.

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