My Plastic-free Life - Topic: Sodastream Simple:Press Version Marianna Tubman on Sodastream Plastic-free Alternatives While I think it's good to avoid plastic bottles, I don't think I would buy a Soda Stream machine.  I mostly drink water and drinks I make myself.  I buy drinks sometimes in aluminum cans, glass bottles or refillable jugs (root beer).

  You may not know there is a boycott called for SodaStream. Here's some info I found: It is an Israeli company which has been in the news recently because of the millions of dollars it is spending to place a 30-second ad in the SuperBowl this coming Sunday.

Here's what the ad will not tell you: SodaStream manufactures its products in an Israeli settlement in the Occupied West Bank. These settlements are illegal under international law and are opposed by US government policy. Putting it simply: SodaStream's factory is located on stolen Palestinian land.


Sat, 02 Feb 2013 23:12:05 -0800
Joddle on Sodastream Plastic-free Alternatives Here's my UK perspective on Sodastream marketing (not the device itself)

Here they market it with the tag line "saving the world from plastic bottles" and lets just say, I'm not convinced...

They've also started doing some near-subliminal advertising as the sponsor of a TV show in the UK, which whenever I see it makes me really thirsty!

Sun, 21 Aug 2011 04:06:21 -0700
Beth Terry on Sodastream Plastic-free Alternatives Ha!  Okay, so it was a hot day and I felt like having some sparkling wine. But all I had was a bottle of something red. Maybe cabernet or zinfandel.  So I decided to carbonate it.  I filled the glass carafe to the fill line with red wine, put it in the machine, locked it in tight, and started pumping.  Very soon, wine started pouring out the bottom of the machine, and when I pushed the pressure button, red wine sprayed out all over the dining room table and carpet.  I opened the machine and saw that half the wine had erupted out of the carafe and was just wasted.  A major bummer and a big mess.  It was only then I saw the little sticker that said you are only supposed to carbonate water.

Next time, I will make a wine spritzer with wine and carbonated water.  Or I'll just go around the corner and buy a real bottle of sparkling wine.

That is my story.  :-)

Wed, 17 Aug 2011 19:19:02 -0700
Bluefish on Sodastream Plastic-free Alternatives I love my soda stream, which I got after reading about the plastic bottle free version here.  My husband wanted to carbonate something besides water, and I remember you tried it with wine, and said it was a mistake.  My husband wanted to know details about what went wrong -feel like sharing?

Wed, 17 Aug 2011 15:53:41 -0700