August 11, 2009

BillieRyder – Plastic Trash Eating Challenge – Week #8


Zero weight loss so on to the tally.

Items: 19 Weight: 6.5 oz

Ketchup bottle and cap – recyclable
Costco bulk salt plastic wrap
Havarti Cheese wrapper
ice cream film
5 x Hot Chocolate plastic tubs
2 x milk caps + zippers
Celestial Season tea sampler bag
ketchup foil
2 x soy sauce take-out packets
candy wrapper
styrofoam tray for 4lbs of pork ribs

The soy sauce take-out packets are on my list not because I get Chinese takeout but because my husband gets Chinese take-out and we end up with all these d*mn packets. The frugal part of me thinks I should be using these packets before using my bottle of soy sauce. I used two of them for my soy sauce in a recipe.

What can I easily get rid of?

The ice cream plastic film will no longer show up. I have sourced plastic free ice cream. Since all else seems to come in plastic, this is my junk food treat.

Celestial tea sampler bag: I am using up the ancient tea in my cupboard before moving on to plastic free tea. A few more of these will show up over the weeks.

If I was by myself, I would have bought the salt non-bulk. I use almost no salt but my husband uses a lot so I decided to buy it in bulk to save money. You can’t be all things at all times and in this case I couldn’t be frugal and plastic-free.

What would I give up?

Nothing as usual. I read an article on Green Phone Booth that talked about varieties of sustainability and I have to agree with it. If this is a sacrifice 24×7 with no foreseeable end in sight – I would be putting an end in sight. I have made changes. Instead of 20 candy wrappers in a week, I am down to 1 candy wrapper every couple of weeks. I can sustain this.

Eventually, I suspect that I will be able to get rid of the hot chocolate pots from work… just not now.

Other conclusions?

No other conclusions this week.

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Once we get down to the level of sacrifice we are willing to sustain, what comes next? Companies will continue to bombard us with overpackaged products. What other ways can each of us let them know what we want… going beyond our small individual efforts? Just some "food" for thought.