August 11, 2009

BillieRyder – Plastic Trash Eating Challenge – Week #8

Zero weight loss so on to the tally.

Items: 19 Weight: 6.5 oz

Ketchup bottle and cap – recyclable
Costco bulk salt plastic wrap
Havarti Cheese wrapper
ice cream film
5 x Hot Chocolate plastic tubs
2 x milk caps + zippers
Celestial Season tea sampler bag
ketchup foil
2 x soy sauce take-out packets
candy wrapper
styrofoam tray for 4lbs of pork ribs

The soy sauce take-out packets are on my list not because I get Chinese takeout but because my husband gets Chinese take-out and we end up with all these d*mn packets. The frugal part of me thinks I should be using these packets before using my bottle of soy sauce. I used two of them for my soy sauce in a recipe.

What can I easily get rid of?

The ice cream plastic film will no longer show up. I have sourced plastic free ice cream. Since all else seems to come in plastic, this is my junk food treat.

Celestial tea sampler bag: I am using up the ancient tea in my cupboard before moving on to plastic free tea. A few more of these will show up over the weeks.

If I was by myself, I would have bought the salt non-bulk. I use almost no salt but my husband uses a lot so I decided to buy it in bulk to save money. You can’t be all things at all times and in this case I couldn’t be frugal and plastic-free.

What would I give up?

Nothing as usual. I read an article on Green Phone Booth that talked about varieties of sustainability and I have to agree with it. If this is a sacrifice 24×7 with no foreseeable end in sight – I would be putting an end in sight. I have made changes. Instead of 20 candy wrappers in a week, I am down to 1 candy wrapper every couple of weeks. I can sustain this.

Eventually, I suspect that I will be able to get rid of the hot chocolate pots from work… just not now.

Other conclusions?

No other conclusions this week.

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