April 7, 2008

Week 42 Results: .5 oz of plastic waste.

Another week during which I had zero plastic waste until the weekend. What is it about weekends? Here’s the tally. All items are new since the plastic project began:

  • 1 inner liner from a bag of Natural Choice Indoor Kitten food. This was something we bought a while back when we were trying to figure out what to feed them. Decided to use up the last of it this week, since their tummy troubles are all better.
  • 1 outer wrap from a box of Refresh Endura eye drops. This was the first week in a while that I’ve had eye problems bad enough to open a new box of drops.
  • 1 Refresh Endura single use eyedrop container. Saturday morning was not a happy time.
  • 1 plastic capsule from a bottle of Jepson Estate Bottled Mendocino Sauvignon Blanc (2005). In all the time since I’ve been tallying my plastic waste, this is the first wine I’ve opened with a plastic capsule (the wrapper around the neck that covers the cork.) All the others, as far as I know, have been tin. So I did a bunch of research and found out more than I ever wanted to know about wine capsules and what they are made from. More on this subject in its own separate post this week.
  • 1 totally unnecessary plastic stir stick from a chocolate martini at Fuzio. Whatever possessed me to order a chocolate martini? It was as bad as it sounds. No, worse! Sickeningly sweet. This abomination should never have been invented. So now I know. I won’t have to wonder what a chocolate martini tastes like anymore. Hmmm… I wonder what it feels like to be whacked in the head with a bicycle pump…
  • 1 plastic from a blister pack of metal gate hooks. We’re using these to keep kitties out of certain rooms…

…like the back laundry area where we store all sorts of enticing things… recycling, Beth’s plastic collection, shoes, a plastic bag full of yarn…. Michael had constructed a makeshift barrier of cardboard and wood to keep the kitties out of that area. This is what happened when they learned how to push their way through:

They tell us that it is yarn art and that we should praise, pet, and feed them for such powers of creativity. Instead, we rented a Zip Car and went to Urban Ore last weekend to buy a used bi-fold door and hinges to keep them in the kitchen and out of the back room. Urban Ore is an awesome place where old pieces of houses and buildings go to find new lives. The door we bought is 100% wood, unlike the vinyl doors offered at Home Depot these days, and actually matches the woodwork we already have. Michael did a great job hanging it.

How long do you think it will take the kitties to scratch a new piece of artwork into the door as they attempt to learn how the gate hook works? How long before they actually do learn to lift the hook and get out? We are taking bets.

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Blek! Chocolate Martini? Two vices should not do the shimmy in the same cup.

Hey! Look what they’re up to in Seattle!

That picture of the kitties with the yarn cracked me up. What a great expression on your cats face.

Chocolate martinis can be really good but everyone that I’ve had has been made differently so I don’t know what the secret is, but I can say I never got one with a stir stick… odd.

mew mew mew mew!!!

good kitties!

heh heh nao we noz sekrit of nu dor so we can get bag of stringz & makez mor art 4 u

That’s a lovely door!

I don’t think the kitties will figure out the hooks. You have to lift it up, and cats are a lot stronger batting downward.

we watched a program that had a woman who owned a raccoon when it was a baby and she said that it actually would TURN the WATER on and off in the bathroom and kitchen and would UNHOOK all the cupboards and play in them. could you imagine? i’d die.

Your account of the kittens makes me think of how we think of cats – “curiosity killed the cat” and “a cat has nine lives”. They really are entertaining and, I think, far closer to their wild relatives than are dogs. If released into the wild (drop them off in Yellowstone, for example) I would give a much greater chance of survival to cats than dogs.

How does this relate to plastic? Dunno, but as long as you mention the kittens, they are fair game.