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First Prize Review

This one’s my favorite, snarky tone notwithstanding.  Love the Penthouse quip:

Washington Post: “It’s all really, really, really earnest, and yet … it’s also practical and hopeful, with a kind of cheerleading charm. And you’ve gotta love the brown paper dust jacket, reminiscent of how they used to sell Penthouse.” Nancy Szokan, “Book details hazards of radiation; another tells how to steer clear of plastics” 30 July 2012.

Other Featured Reviews:

BookPage: “The surprise is how thoroughly the author gives us the bad news without losing her sense of humor or destroying our sense of hope.” Joanna Brichetto, “Kick Plastics From Your Life” August 2012.  “…one thing that this book makes very clear…. Doing something like getting plastic out of your life changes the way you do everything, from shopping to eating to, really, living. It is a clear demonstration that small steps are important.”  Lloyd Alter, “How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too (Book Review)” 15 June 2012. (Philadelphia Inquirer): “Since June of 2007, Terry has been engaged in one long, grand experiment to rid her life of plastic.  She’s chronicled her adventures in a blog, now called My Plastic-free Life. And now we get the book version … all of it detailed in a warm and chatty style….” Sandy Bauers, “Book of the Week: Beth Terry Goes Plastic-Free.” 11 July 2012.

Grist: “Today, Terry might just be the world’s foremost expert on how to live without the stuff. And that’s no easy task. Think about all the nooks and crannies of our lives that plastic has made its way into: food packaging, clothing, the protective box your favorite gadgets come in, even facial scrubs. And while there are all kinds of reasons to hate plastic, for Beth Terry, it’s an issue of justice.” Rachel Cernansky, “It’s even in gum!: Tips on avoiding plastic from expert Beth Terry”  27 June 2012. “While some in the environmental movement have been wont to dismiss individual actions as too small to do any good, Terry is proof that the opposite is true. By taking small steps herself, she has inspired a whole legion of others to do the same and drawn much more attention to the impacts of our disposable plastic problem.” Amy Westervelt, “5 Easy Ways to Kick the Plastic Habit” 15 Aug 2012.

Edible East Bay: “As I spend time with Beth’s book, I find resonance with a broad spectrum of ideas and actions I value. She actually uses the word ‘mindfulness’ in describing one more R: Realize. This R, she says, ‘precedes and permeates all the others.'” Cheryl Koehler, “The Mindful Way Beyond Plastics” Fall 2012.

The East Bay Express: Names Beth Terry Winner in 2012 Best of the East Bay Edition. “Her long-running blog,, and new book, Plastic-Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too, out this spring, have helped establish her as an international leader in the plastic-free lifestyle field (and sure, there is such a thing). But she never gets preachy, insisting that anyone who is inspired by her message is free to carve his or her own path through the plastic minefield.” “Best Anti-Plastic Activist: Beth Terry” 18 July 2012. “Terry set out five years ago to rid her life of cheap, disposable, and often unrecyclable, plastic garbage after reading an article in Men’s Health magazine (also published by Rodale) that included a picture of a dead albatross that had starved because it had filled its belly with plastic garbage instead of food. But once she started looking, she began to uncover a lot of other disturbing plastic facts, which she’s compiled in a new book, Plastic-Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too (Skyhorse, 2012).” Emily Main, “5 Disturbing Facts About Plastic (PDF),”  12 July 2012.

Santa Cruz Sentinel:  “[Plastic-Free] is comprehensive enough to cover the whole range of plastic products we use every day, and the book’s length is owed in part to its encyclopedic nature. You’ll want to keep it on hand as a, yes, long-lived reference guide. It’s also written in an easy conversational style and I highly recommend it.” Dan Haifley, “Dan Haifley, Our Ocean Backyard: How to curb that ubiquitous plastic” 7 July 2012.  “Beth Terry makes a valiant effort in living a life with little or no plastic – no small feat in today’s disposable world. Furthermore, she’s made it her life mission to help others do the same.” Clisby, Heather.  “Living ‘Plastic Free’ with Beth Terry” 15 June 2012.

OnEarth:  “By any measure, Terry — a former convenience addict, hooked on bottled water and take-out food in Styrofoam trays, double bagged in plastic — has been a success.” Elizabeth Royte, “Beth Terry: Doyenne of Plastic-Free Living”  31 May 2012.

East Bay Express:  “The 330-page book is written in a conversational, engaging tone. It’s far from your typical anti-plastic screed…. Although the problems Terry discusses are complex and often serious, a reader’s first instinct is to be inspired, not cower in fear.”  Nate Seltenrich, “Living Plastic-Free”  07 Mar 2012.

Blog Tour:

Non-Toxic Kids: “This book feels like a conversation with a funny, knowledgeable and sometimes snarky friend. Beth is not judgy or preachy. She just shares what she has learned, her mistakes, her growth, and her challenges as she eliminates plastic in her life. ” Katy Farber, “Plastic Free Living by Beth Terry” 23 Aug 2012. “Terry’s book doesn’t just tell you ways in which to reduce your plastic consumption by not buying things: she actively suggests ways to improve your life overall. ” Katie Moran, “Adventures in Greening: A Book Review of Plastic Free by Beth Terry” 20 Aug 2012.

My Sustainable Stories: “What I love about Beth’s book is the setup. You may already be an expert Greenie on BYOB (bring your own bag) but you might need to, or wish to find out the down and dirty on Tapped vs. Bottled water. She has it set up like a chart. You can skip over what you already know and get right to work. ” Anastacia Andrade, “plastic, plastic, and more… yes, plastic (a book review too)” 18 Aug 2012.

Retro Housewife Goes Green: “Something I found interesting from Plastic-Free is the fact that I finished the book feeling happy and empowered, instead of mad and overwhelmed, which is the feeling I get from a lot of environmental books.” Lisa Sharp, “Book Review: Plastic-Free, How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too” 17 Aug 2012.

Almost All the Truth: “You may not go plastic-free, but the next time you reach for that plastic produce bag, disposable water bottle, or plastic straw, maybe you will think twice. And you know what? That is how we change the world.” Brenna Burke, “Plastic-Free, One Woman Changing the World With a Book {Giveaway}” 17 Aug 2012.

Nature’s Nurture Blog:  “Plastic-Free has something for everyonebe it facts and figures to awaken something deep down inside you, or a witty story to inspire you to make a small change in your life, or an action plan to help get the whole family involved. This book is a must-have for every home library.” Sarah, “Kicking the Plastic Habit {Book Review}” 16 Aug 2012.

Celebrate Green: “Simply put, Plastic-Free is an eye-opener. No matter how much you already know, this book will show you more.” Lynn Colwell, “Book Review: Plastic-Free, How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too” 15 Aug 2012.

Eco Village Musings: “Read it. It’s smart, concise, upbeat, engaging and filled with positive steps that anyone can take towards lessening the use of plastic.” Alline Anderson, “In Praise of Beth Terry’s Book ‘Plastic-Free’” 14 Aug 2012.

29 Diapers: “Get some great ideas to reduce your plastic consumption for your family’s health as well as the planet’s, and learn about all these awesome people making a difference while you’re at it.” Laura K. Cowan, “Book Review: Beth Terry’s Plastic-Free (with a Give-Away!)” 13 Aug 2012.

Kitchen Stewardship: “Thanks again to Beth for allowing me to post this excerpt. You will love the rest of the book just as much!” Katie Kimball, “My Plastic Free Life Goes on Paper! {Book Excerpt: Buying from Bulk Bins}” 09 Aug 2012.

The Frugal Girl: “If you’re a person who hasn’t really thought much about this before or who feels completely overwhelmed at the thought of trying to live without plastic, I think this book is perfect for you.” Kristen, “Plastic, Plastic, Plastic. Oy.” 08 Aug 2012.

Modern Eco Life: “Beth’s focus and passion have influenced me and I know it will make a difference in your life too!” “Plastic-Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too Book” 08 Aug 2012.

Eco Vegan Gal: “I love Beth’s writing style – she made me laugh and kept me engaged page after page. I found myself highlighting so many phrases that resonated with and shocked me…” Whitney Lauritsen, “How to Kick Your Addiction To Plastic To The Curb” 07 Aug 2012.

It Starts with Me: “Plastic-Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too by Beth Terry is the perfect tool to start your journey to a life with less plastic.” Danielle Richardet, “Plastic-Free: Kick the Plastic Habit” 07 Aug 2012.

Green Upgrader: “Whether you want to get plastic completely out of your life or just reduce your plastic consumption, I can’t recommend this book enough. Beth doesn’t share just facts and concepts. She pours her real-life experience with plastic free living onto the pages of this book, and it’s inspiring.” Becky Striepe, “Plastic-Free: One Woman’s Life Without Plastic” 06 Aug 2012.

D.C. Recycler: “Beth explains in lay terms (well, as ‘lay’ as you can get when you start talking about plastic chemical compounds) about why and how we should get plastic out of our lives – for health as well as environmental reasons.  She’s now written a book – ‘Plastic Free’ which puts all this logic into a pleasantly readable and compelling format that’s fun and informative to read.” Cathy, “Summer Reading for the Recycler: “Plastic Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can, Too” 5 Aug 2012.

Going Green Mama: “Wherever you are in the journey towards lighter living, whether you’re a young child or have hours to devote to a cause, Beth’s book has a new idea for you. Check it out!” Robbie, “Plastic-Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too: A Review” 2 Aug 2012.

Green Child Magazine: “Beth Terry’s book, made from entirely plastic-free materials, is the perfect addition to your family’s eco resources.  With praise from No Impact Man and Jack Johnson, this part-story, part how-to guide shows how to eliminate plastic from your family’s routine.”  Look Listen Read section.  30 July 2012.

Climate Mama: “Similar to the “vibe” you get and the reasons Beth’s blog is such a runaway success, Beth is really funny and irreverent. Beth and Plastic Free keep you reading and engaged while you learn about key tips, references, and facts that will empower you on your personal journey to live a more sustainable life.” Harriet Shugarman, “Living Plastic-Free: Sage Advice from Beth Terry” 27 July 2012.

The Eco Chic: “I’m amazed at how much information Beth shares with us.  She starts with an introduction where she explains why she began her plastic-free life.  Included in the next ten chapters you learn more about what a plastic really is (a nice chemistry lesson) and she identifies the many areas of our lives that are filled with plastic.  It’s not a doom-and-gloom story though, it’s an educational look at the way we live and some simple steps that we can all take to reduce our consumption of disposable plastics. ” Calley Pate, “Plastic-Free Book Review” 25 July 2012.

Big Green Purse:  “Let me just say that I’ve been so persuaded by her reporting that I’ve decided to embark on an effort to try many of the plastic-free alternatives she suggests, including several of her make-it-yourself recipes.” Diane MacEachern, “Want a Plastic-Free Life? Buy This Book ASAP!” 25 July 2012.

Spit That Out:  “This book reawoke my passion after reading about Beth’s successful campaign to create a Brita filter take-back program and blogger Lisa Sharp’s win for recycling in her small town in Oklahoma.  The book also taught me several important things I never knew and inspired me to try out a few new simple tips.”  Paige Wolf, “Book Review: Plastic-Free by Beth Terry” 25 July 2012.

Elephant Journal:  “This isn’t one of those books that you read and think, “oh, that’s nice. I should do something about that.” This is one of those books that you pull out and refer to all the time. I’ve got it wedged up in with my cookbooks and am already pulling it out several times a week for new ideas.” Kate Bartolotta, “Plastic-Free Is Possible. {Book Review}” 24 July 2012.

Condo Blues:  “Plastic Free isn’t all green gloom and doom. Beth is funny and is quick to point out when she got overwhelmed, frustrated, or drove herself a little bit crazy and the sometimes humorous result such as a carbonated red wine volcano erupting in her kitchen or her Flaming Hot Cheeto Cross Country Road Trip.” Lisa Nelsen-Woods, “Book Review Plastic-Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too” 24 July 2012.

Jen & Joey Go Green:  “This past week I have been reading Plastic-Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too by Beth Terry and let me tell you it has opened my eyes. I knew plastic was a problem but there were several things I really had no clue about. Like the fact that the little symbol on the bottom of most plastic containers does not necessarily mean it is recyclable.” Jen, “Kicking the Plastic Habit: A Journey to Becoming Plastic-Free” 23 July 2012.

Breezy Mama:  “Whoa… I try to do my part for the environment but living completely plastic-free boggles my mind. How in the world would I get around things like, well, packaging? Toys? Cleaning products? My (GASP!) blow dryer? Oh, how my list goes on… ” Breezy Mama, “How One Woman Lives Plastic-Free” 23 July 2012.

Eco-Novice: “Beth Terry’s new book Plastic Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too is one of the best green books I’ve seen. This book combines convincing explanations of the problems with plastic with incredibly comprehensive information regarding plastic alternatives (the book is over 300 pages!). Some of my favorite parts are the inspirational bios of Beth’s heroes and the action item checklists at the end of chapters. I love a good action item checklist.” Eco-Novice, “Q & A with Beth Terry, Author of Plastic Free {Giveaway}” 20 July 2012.

The Watershed Project: “What about shampoo? That’s one question that comes to mind when contemplating what it really means to live a plastic-free life. Executive Director Linda Hunter recently spoke with writer and activist Beth Terry about her bold decision to avoid all plastic products.” Linda Hunter, “Shampoo and All: Tips for a Plastic-Free Life” 17 July 2012.

Crunchy Betty: “Beth has outlined just about every single area of our lives that we can purify from plastics — from tiny baby steps to more all-encompassing,  ideas.” Leslie Martin, “Special Hints from Plastic-Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too” 16 July 2012.  “Terry has done what many Americans would consider impossible–nearly ceased her plastic use and consumption. And, she swears, you can, too.” Hanna Brooks Olsen, “Going Plastic-Free: How Beth Terry Did It (And You Can, Too)” 9 July 2012.

Jordan Inspires: “Beth Terry’s story is quite special. When Beth first began her plastic-free journey, she was a woman hungry for solutions to a complex problem that she knew, like many of us,  she was the cause of.  Four years later, she has one of the most popular environmental blogs and voices within the ec0 social media world.” Jordan Howard, “Plastic Free by Beth Terry”   8 July 2012

5 Gyres Blog:  “She has given readers hundreds of  practical tips and (often very humorous) anecdotes about her journey to become plastic-free — and now it is all contained in one lovable, fun-to-read tome.” Leslie Moyer, “New Book from Antiplastic Guru Beth Terry”  30 June 2012.

The Green Phonebooth:  “[Plastic-Free] is one of the best green books I’ve seen. This book combines convincing explanations of the problems with plastic with incredibly comprehensive information regarding plastic alternatives (the book is over 300 pages!). Some of my favorite parts are the inspirational bios of Beth’s heroes and the action item checklists at the end of chapters. I love a good action item checklist.” Betsy (Eco-Novice), “Plastic-Free by Beth Terry (book excerpt)”   28 June 2012.

Healthy Child Healthy World: “Beth spoke to Healthy Child Healthy World about first steps to be plastic-free, reusable straws, and being part of the solution.” “Plastic-Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit” 27 June 2012.

EcoEtsy blog:  “For anyone who is looking to make a significant impact on the environment at large I highly recommend this book. I also recommend a plastic-free lifestyle. Our oceans, the planets animals, our landscapes and ourselves are increasingly becoming plastic. It is all around us and through the food chain in us. This is an issue that affects us all.” Beth Revels, “{Green Living} Book Review Plastic Free by Beth Terry” 27 June 2012.

EcoKaren: “You MUST read it for yourself to see how great this jam-packed reference-like-funny-poignant-and-yet-not-too-preachy-practical-advice-filled book is.” Karen Lee, “Beth Terry’s Plastic-Free Book Review and Giveaway” 25 June 2012.  “I had the chance to meet [Beth Terry] at BlogHer in San Diego… She inspired me to keep and wash my disposable plastic plate throughout the conference, rather than take a new one at each meal and snack…. The experience reinforced a message that Beth shares on her blog and in her book, which is that as individuals we actually can make a difference. Maybe we can’t solve all the world’s problems, but we can have an impact, and we shouldn’t underestimate that.” Amber Strocel, “Podcast: Beth Terry on her Plastic-Free Life”  22 June 2012.

Green-Talk: “Because of Beth, I started to looking at my own plastic consumption and its detrimental effects on our health.” Anna Hackman, “Plastic Free Living Book Helps You Live Healthier, Better for the Earth” 21 June 2012.

Glass Dharma blog: “Unlike so many books published about the topic of plastic and how problematic this material has become, this book offers real solutions and suggestions of how to choose plastic alternatives.” Glass Dharma, “She Got Me on the Plastic Tape!” 20 June 2012.

Life Without Plastic blog: “Why do we love Beth?  She’s funny, straightforward, unafraid to tell it like it is, a superb researcher and writer, an idea factory, super well-organized and systematic, action-oriented, great at making fun of herself to make a point, and, as you can tell by now…she walks her talk.” Life Without Plastic, “Walk the Talk with Beth: Kick the Habit and LIVE Plastic Free”  18, June 2012.

Adventures in Climate Change: “[Plastic-Free is] chock full of plastic-reducing ideas and has given me a motivational kick in the butt to do better with freeing myself from the stuff that once made never leaves the Earth.” Lori Wark, “Plastic-Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too” 14 June 2012

It’s Not Easy to Be Green blog:  “Plastic Free obviously has a lot of thought put into it. Every time I thought of an objection, Beth magically anticipated and addressed it — from the way plastic is really more symbolic of our wasteful lives than anything else, to the fact that reusable bags are frequently made out of oil-based fabrics like nylon or polyester, to the bigger lifestyle and ethical changes that going plastic-free entails. Yet it’s not didactic, smug, judgy, or simplistic, and that is quite an achievement” Jennifer Mo, “Book Review for Plastic-Free by Beth Terry”  28 May 2012.

Kanelstrand blog: “She did a great job balancing between inspiring stories, useful resources, and practical tips with information about the problems with plastic, the facts about recycling, the differences among bioplastics and the impacts of the various kinds, the truth about silicone, and why we can’t buy our way out of the mess that we are in.”  Sonya Kanelstrand, “Plastic-Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too”  11 May 2012.


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