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Choose pet toys/furniture made from natural materials instead of plastic.

  • Purrfect Play makes beautiful all-natural toys made from wool and catnip.
  • I’ve also found all natural wool, leather, coconut, and feather cat toys at my local pet shop recently.
  • But the best cat toys of all? Wine corks, hands down. The real ones, of course. I don’t let my cats play with plastic.
  • We found a bamboo/sisal scratching post instead of synthetic carpet
  • Cardboard cat scratchers are great
  • This natural wood/sisal over-door climber is very sturdy and doesn’t contain any synthetic chemicals that can off-gas into our home our the bodies of our pets.
  • Our most economical cat climber? We cleared off most of the flat surfaces in our home (tops of bookshelves, etc.) so that our cats could roam and climb to their hearts’ content.


Classic stainless steel bento boxes and cotton lunch bags.

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