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1. Workshops for March, 2008: Mamalicious at The Holistic World Expo and Non Toxic Women at Grassroots, Danforth

2. Specials for March, 2008: Pay-What-You-Want Tuesdays, Spring Detox Deal and Invite-a-Friend-Special Offer

3. Testimonials of The Month:What treatment could give you "Less pain and no 'noise'!!!"?

4. Anarres Natural Health Clinic Shop News: Black History Month highlights, new ingredients, website, so much!!!

5. Bonus article: How To Tell if Your Bath & Body Product Is Actually Healthy

1. Workshops for March, 2008
March's Theme is Detoxify Yourself and Your Planet!

Announcing workshops I've been invited to give ...

Mamalicious: Non Toxic Baby, Mother and Child Care
Sunday, March 17th, 4:15 to 5pm
The Holistic World Expo, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Hall C,
at the Viva Magazine Stage

Want to care for your baby, partner or children in a healthful, non toxic way, but don't know where to begin? Learn how aromatherapy and massage can help, and all the no-nos for a healthful, non-toxic life. Learn to be Mamalicious!

Are you new parents fully-gifted with a hundred products you're not sure are safe or useful? What are the benefits of pregnancy, labour and post partum massage? Got a baby shower coming up and don't know what to offer as a gift? Why massage your baby? Got a baby with a diaper rash that makes both of you crazy? Afraid to give your nature-freak new mother friend/sister/daughter anything nice for fear it will be rejected for being unhealthy? What essential oils are safe and effective for the childbearing year?

You'll hear the answer to these questions, and discover how to find clear and correct answers to all of your concerns. You'll be horrified to learn what ingredients are commonly found in baby oil, wipes, creams and soaps, and learn how to find or make healthful alternatives. With the handy information Tracey TieF will provide at this workshop, you'll be empowered to choose products for the babies, mothers and children in your life that are not only non toxic, but healthy. You'll be empowered to create nourishing, delicious concoctions with natural ingredients that are safe for mother and baby. You'll come away with new-found knowledge and expertise, armed with recipes and sample goodies for the mamas and babes in your life.

Non-Toxic Women Workshop
Wednesday, March 26th at 7:30pm
Grassroots, 372 Danforth Avenue (at Chester subway)

There's so much that's said to be bad for you, and bad for the environment, but who do you believe, and where do you start? Don't worry; be healthy! From phthalates and plastics, to parabens and probiotics, Tracey will talk with us about the toxins that commonly plague us in our environment and about simple, immediate solutions that will benefit our health and our planet. Together we will look at The Diva Cup and Keeper and other healthy alternatives to conventional pads and tampons. We will discuss common household cleaning, bath, baby and beauty products that can easily be replaced with healthful products you can make yourself, or buy locally. You'll come away with your own list of easy, life enhancing changes you can start making today, and the information you need to make healthy decisions for you and your family.

Please feel free bring along some of your favorite personal care products and find out what really lies within!
Cost is $10 ($5 students*/seniors*/unwaged)
Pre-registration and payment is necessary to reserve a space. Space is limited to 20 people. Register at either Grassroots locations or call (416) 466-2841 to register by phone.
Please present a student card or proof of Age when registering.

Anarres in-Clinic Workshops are by request in March:
BOOK A PARTY (5 friends!), CLASS OR WORKSHOP Call for more info: 416 535 9620

Workshop-in-Waiting ~ For Parents with babies up to two years: Learn a Baby Massage

workshops are relaxing and fun and take place at Anarres Natural Health Clinic, College & Ossington. Classes are limited to six participants so that everyone gets a semi private lesson experience. There's fruit, veggies and dip to snack on, and, as always, a choice of cool crystal water or refreshing tea. There are always goodies to take home, as well as new found knowledge and skills.

Workshops are: $30 for 3 hours. Register with a friend, or for two workshops, for $20 each! REPEAT a workshop for $20. BEST DEAL: Buy a 10 workshop card for $150 for a limited (experimental) time only! Open Houses are FREE. SPACE IS LIMITED.
To RSVP, for address and other info 416.535.9620 or

2. Specials for March, 2008:
Invite-A-Friend Special Offer and
Pay-What-You-Want Tuesdays

Invite-A-Friend Special Offer:

Help me reach more people who are interested in the body work, energy work, workshops and products that I offer. For every ten email addrersses you send me of friends of yours who are looking for what Anarres has to offer, I'll give you a Gift Certificate for 30 minutes of treatment for you or a friend to use. I'll send everyone you refer to me a trial newsletter, and if they want to receive my newsletters, I'll thank you with a Chakra Balancing, massage, reflexology, FAR Infrared sauna or Polarity Therapy treatment, or you can use the 30 minutes towards a longer session.
Pay-What-You-Can Tuesdays: the experiment continues...
Every Tuesday in March, from 10 am through 4pm, you can receive any Anarres service at your price, not mine.
Try it once, or be a regular. Spend your allowance on something healthy and pleasurable!
Call to reserve your spot: 416 535 9620.

Spring Detox Packages:
Ten treatment package for $100 + off the price of ten hours!!!

Spring is a great time to begin a detoxification program, and I feel like encouraging everyone. With the "Detox Me" package, you'll receive 10 hours of customized health coaching, body and energy work geared to the kind of detoxification that suits your body and needs, plus useful reports and email guidance. Full sessions begin in the FAR Infrared Sauna, sipping tea made just for you, while we check in. The "Detox Me" package normally costs $550, and individual ten sessions cost $600-$750. The cost for ten hours of treatment if you buy the package upfront in March is $500 non taxable. What a deal!
Experiment with any of eleven different modalities, and emerge like the butterfly you are, with supple skin, a radiant face and a spring in your footstep... okay, like the human being you are!


A Chico Reusable shopping bag that fits in a pocket:
Buy $50 worth of Gifts, Products, Gift Certificates or Services and get one FREE: It's useful! It's colourful! It's pretty! It's strong!

Daytime Treatment Discount: Hey all you students, caregivers, overworked parents and self employed people, shift workers and daytrippers! You deserve a break! Come in for a treatment between 10am and 4pm, mention this special deal and get one-third off the regular rate! That's only $20 for a half hour of reflexology, Polarity Therapy, chakra balancing, consultation or Reiki, or $40 for an hour of massage of your choice.

FREE 30 minute consultation
for every first appointment. Come in just for the FREE consultation (I am a Natural Health Consultant, after all!) or enjoy a treatment with the first half hour free. That's a $30 value either way!

Referrals: Refer a friend for body or energy work and you will both get 10% off any Anarres service. PLEASE REMIND ME!!!

3. Testimonials of The Month:

I struggle with inflammatory arthritis, Polymyalgia Rheumatica and chronic back pain with neuropathy (causing my feet to be numb and very sensitive).  Walking is difficult and some days a flight of stairs seems quite overwhelming!  I am overweight due to lack of exercise and certain medications, which causes me great anxiety.  And so on and so on.  Tracey, once again your massage has helped me - I have more movement in my neck, less pain & no 'noise'!!!

~ Sandra V. Thomas from Ottawa (who wishes she lived closer to Toronto)!

Hi Tracey, I just wanted to comment on the scar cream.  I can't believe the change in my scar after only a few days of use.  The redness  and "thickness" is diminishing and the actual staple marks along the side have noticeably healed.  The scar skin is become supple again.  Quite impressed.  I know you said that the ingredients are very expensive, but this is a formula you should aggressively market.

~ Renée Palisa, Toronto

Did you know that all my custom products are Satisfaction Guaranteed? If it doesn't work for you, I'll keep working for you! Just bring back your original product and I'll reformulate it with you until it does what I said it would!

If you have a testimonial you'd be willing to share, please send it to: If I use it in my promotions, I'll thank you with a free half hour treatment for your time and effort.

4. Anarres Natural Health Clinic Shop News

Black History Month
provided me with the opportunity to teach people about the African history of aromatherapy and the wonders of coconut oil, shea and cocoa butters. I addressed the urgent problems of slavery and child labour, and urge everyone to look for the Fair Trade logo on every bath, body and chocolate product you buy. I presented a workshop for youth at the Davenport Perth Neighbourhood Centre, and am holding my Open House on the subject Friday, February 29, 6-9pm. I am honoured to have an article included in the DPNC's newsletter.

Thanks to Baby Mind and Spirit for inviting me to write an article, Go Green! You can read it in the Straight Talk section at

March 14, 15 and 16th I'll be at The Holistic World Expo, held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Hall C. Joining me in the booth will be my marketing partner, Chris Malec, R.M.T., offering heavenly chair massages. I'll be selling my products, but if I get a breather, I may get to do some reflexology, too! This will be my first big show, so if you can drop by BOOTH 184, your support will be most appreciated! At the bottom of this newsletter is a coupon for $2 off admission, but if you come in for an appointment before March 13th, I may be able to give you a free ticket...

Enjoy a cup of wildcrafted, organic tea at the Anarres Clinic!

I have selected a local, ethically wildcrafted and certified organic line of teas by the Algonquin Tea Company, purchased from my coop, to serve to clinic clients during each session. I can now offer you 6 delicious and healthy herbal blends containing no caffeine. Each tea's central ingredient has been previously unavailable in tea bags until now. If you would like an energy drink, try Awakening. Sweetfern Tonic is popular for arthritis pain relief and to boost the immune system. The calming effect of Peace tea is the perfect answer to those of you suffering from stress and needing an effective insomnia cure. If you are interested in lucid dreaming and increased dream recall, try Lucid Dream. The cold and flu tea, Homestead Blend, was a pioneer favorite, and Sacred Blend is a spiritual tea that brings one a feeling of serenity and gratitude.

NEW carrier oils, enhancing oils and other yummy ingredients!
~ Avocado oil! Deliciously green avocado oil contains Vitamins A, B1, B2, D, E, and Beta carotene.
~ Walnut oil! A light moisturizer for dry, irritated and ageing skins, and balancing agent for the nervous system.
~ Rosy Organically Grown Rosehip oil! This ruby coloured oil heals dry, irritated, weathered, scarred and damaged skin.
~ Unrefined Hemp Seed oil! This deep green oil is full of nutrients from fatty acids through to proteins. Feed your skin!
~ Lustrous green Grapeseed oil! Light and easily absorbed, the green colour is fascinating to me in Basil Massage/Bath Oil.
~ Organically Grown Evening Primrose oil! Rich in fatty acids and other nutrients, and wonderful with mature skins.
~ Walnut Husk Exfolliant! A gentle, yet effective for polishing and rejuvenating the skin, I look forward to experimenting...
~ Michaela alba Leaf essential oil: Uplifts the mood and magically enhances the scents of citrus essential oils in perfumes.
~ Helichrysum aka Immortelle aka Everlasting Floral Water: Another skin healing, UV protecting botanical from Africa.

Two new liquid soaps in stock are perfect for refilling the counter top and bathroom dispensers:
Nature Clean's classic Pure Soap ($1/100 ml), and now Stevenson's Organic ($1.20/100 ml). Both are amber coloured - as all soaps I've seen from organic oils are - and can be happily scented with essential oils. I also have been making my fluffy sudsy shampoo thanks to being able to buy my beloved (and expensive! *sigh*) "betaine" and "cornacopa" again. So if you've missed the bubbles, admit it and come on down with your refillable container for the luxury shampoo you've been craving ($5/100ml.)
New Products and New Prices in the Anarres Catalogue
The updated Anarres Winter Catalogue is available by emailing me.

Scrubs and Salts are All The Rage Now!
With all the delectable new oils in the clinic, I've created some new scrubs and bath salts and people really like them! Especially popular are the Dead Sea salt and evaporated cane sugar scrubs in Basil~Hemp~Grapeseed and in Palmarosa~Almond~Rosehip. But I like to make custom blends as well! What combination would you like to create with me?

Thanks for the new idea ~ Birthday Party loot bags! Who would have thought of ordering handmade organic soap for their child's birthday loot bags? A loyal client of mine, that's who! The flavour? Lavender with marshmallow flowers, that's what! Apparently, the kids loved it and I am looking forward to more opportunities. Not only will I customize the recipe and product for you, but you'll save money because I will make your order all at once.
Weddings? Showers? Employee thank you gifts? Get well soon?

Finally, where did go? I'm working on it... Check it and see!

5. Bonus article: 

How To Tell if Your Bath & Body Product Is Actually Healthy

by Tracey TieF, Anarres Natural Health

First, The Bad News!

Check if the product contains any of the following harmful ingredients.


Alkyl-phenol ethoxylades are used in shampoos and mimic estrogen in the body causing reproductive cancers and infertility in men and women.
Benzene is carcinogenic and can poison you. It is not normally listed as an ingredient because labelling laws do not require full disclosure!
Colours and Dyes (FD & C or D & C) are made from coal tar and are carcinogenic, cause allergies and damage the skin.
DEA (diethanolamine) is a solvent and detergent promarily used in brake fluids, industrial detergents and as antifreeze. It is carcinogenic and attacks the liver, kidneys and pancreas. It is a health risk to children and babies.
Formaldehyde was renamed when people discovered how toxic it is. Now likely hidden in DMDM hydantoin or MDM hydantoin, it is carcinogenic and breaks down the skin's DNA. Common in lotions and in soaps with SLS.
Parabens are used as preservatives in body products, and are strongly associated with breast cancer tumours.
Petrolatum and "Mineral" Oil are banned in the EU because of the links to breast and other cancers.
Propyl/Isopropyl/rubbing alcohol causes mental depression, headaches and is carcinogenic. 1 ounce is a fatal dose. Rarely listed as an ingredient.
Propylene Glycol carries substances directly into the blood stream and is a main ingredient in brake fluid, hydraulic fluid, and antifreeze. The MSDS tells mechanics to avoid skin contact as it causes liver abnormalities and kidney damage. It is found in virtually all baby products, moist/baby wipes, make up, moisturizers, shampoos and conditioners.
Sodium Laurel/Laureth Sulphate or SLS is a mechanical degreaser that makes up 50% of most shampoos and liquid soaps. It is carcinogenic, is linked to cataracts and breaks down the structure of the skin. SLS denatures proteins and changes genetic material found in cells. Check your toothpaste!!!
Synthetic perfumes or "fragrances" cause headaches, violent coughing, vomiting, dizziness skin irritation and rashes according to complaints to the FDA. Watch out for synthetic "rose", "jasmine" and "lily of the valley". Alas, there IS no essential oil of "apple" or "ocean".

Wholistic aromatherapists use naturally occurring plant waxes, flower waters or hydrosols and good quality plant derived oils in making products.  Most "aromatherapy" cream, lotion and soap bases use harmful ingredients as well. Watch out for "DMDM" or "MDM Hydantoin" – formaldehyde is hidden in it!

And Now, the Good News!!!

Look for products that contain any of the following helpful ingredients.


(Sweet) Almond oil is useful for dry, chapped and itchy skin, and eczema.
Avocado oil contains lecithin, and vitamins A, B and D.
Calendula Flowers Calendula officinalis is an effective treatment for most minor skin problems.
Roman Chamomile Flowers Chamaemelum nobile soothes the nerves, skin and is good for allergies.
Carrot root infused oil contains vitamins A, B, C, D, E and F (linoleic acid). It is useful for eczema, psoriasis, acne, and rejuvenation of the skin.
Castor (bean) Oil Ricinus communis use only cold pressed as a conditioner and a liver and kidney detoxifier.
Clays are mineral rich colouring and detoxifying agents, nourishing for the skin and hair.
Cocoa butter Theobroma cacao     is naturally rich in Vitamin E to soothe, hydrate, and balance the skin.
Coconut Oil Cocos nucifera creates a light oily, nourishing and protective barrier on the skin.
Grapeseed oil is nourishing, inexpensive, thin, non greasy and absorbs quickly into the skin.
Hemp oil is produced in Canada and is very nourishing.
Jojoba oil is a useful moisturizer for all skin conditions, including acne, as it dissolves sebum.
Lavender essential oil Lavendula angustifolia a.k.a. officinalis     is a cell regenerator used to reduce scarring.
(Blue) Mallow Flowers Malva sylvestri is helpful for bruises, inflammations, piles, and skin diseases.
Neem (Seed) Oil Azadirachta indica aids in the healing of eczema, psoriasis, rashes, burns and acne.
Olive oil has a characteristic odour, but is a wonderful, nourishing moisturizer.
Sesame oil is a natural sunscreen rich in vitamins A and E, minerals and treats inflammation. It is used by aromatherapists in Scandinavia to treat psoriasis and dry eczema.  
Shea (Nut) Butter Butyrospermum parkii is hailed for its UV protecting and emollient properties. 
Vegetable Glycerine softens and soothes the skin, assisting it to retain moisture by drawing it out of the air.  If the label just says glycerine, though, it's made from petroleum.
Wheatgerm oil, although nutritive and preservative, is not always desirable because of its strong odour.

Your Oils should be cold-pressed, non GMO, sold and stored in a dark glass bottle away from heat and light.

Ingredients that are safe include algae powder, cetyl alcohol, cetyl palmintate (synthetic, NOT the kind from whales!), cocopalm emulsifying wax aka cetyl stearyl alcohol (from palm and coconut oils), conditioning emulsifier (from cetearyl alcohol, stearalkonium chloride, and castor oil), cornacopa aka decyl polyglucose (from corn, coconut and palm kernels), tegomuls aka glyceryl monostereate, seaweed extract, wheat protein.

Fair Trade Compliant Please make sure that what you buy has been fairly traded. This means that profits go back to the community, that environmentally friendly production methods are utilized, that underage or forced labour is not used, and that a minimum price is earned by the farmer regardless of market pressure.

How you can make a difference:
Demand that the government develop a national bill on child trafficking,
Demand that manufacturers and retailers in Canada clearly ensure that workers and children are not harmed during the production and manufacturing of goods,
Buy Fair Trade products and ask stores to stock them. BONUS! A thriving market for shade-grown cocoa and coffee make it profitable for growers to preserve, rather than cut, rain forests.

Endangered species Responsible aromatherapists DO NOT use rosewood essential oil, or sandalwood East Indian (Santalum album) because these oils are produced from endangered species and are often poached. Ask that Ho wood, rose geranium or rose be used in place of rosewood, and that Santalum spicatum, sustainably harvested from Australia, be used instead of Santalum album.

Finally, RELAX. Humanity lived for thousands of years without slathering weird chemicals on our bodies, and we can get along much better without them. Look at your products sceptically. Is that hot hair oil treatment really just almond oil, with crap to make it thicker and to preserve it for years on a shelf? You CAN just use almond oil! Is that toothpaste a glorified skin irritant with fluoride that won't be on your teeth long enough to do a darned bit of good, but may do some bad in your body? Lo and behold! There are toothpastes whose ingredients sound edible! Hey, soap that's not a detergent, REAL soap, is still cheap to use! I'm often embarased to teach people how simple hair conditioners and other products really are. It's not brain surgery, thank goodness! Just relax, move towards simplicity, and remember that anything you put on your body, you should be able to eat. Because, through your skin, you ARE eating it!


Every month that you bring me a list of at least 10 ways you've eliminated plastics from YOUR life, I'll give you a reusable, handy, beautiful, ethically made, recyclable Chico bag to use or give as a gift.

Here are the plastic soup areas of the Pacific Ocean mapped to date:

List 10 items you'll no longer buy, and what you'll buy instead. For example:
    Bad                                            Better                               Best____________________
1. tampon, plastic applicator             tampon, no applicator        Diva Cup or The Keeper
2. soup in can or plastic bottle          soup in mason jar              make own, reuse mason jar
3. brand name cleaning product        Nature Clean concentrate   Nature Clean in bulk, refilled
4. onions in a plastic net                                                          loose onions, in reused bag

Be well!
Tracey TieF
Certified Natural Health Practitioner

What: FREE Open House and Black History Month Sampling
When: Friday, February 29 2008, 6 - 9 pm, Drop In, but please RSVP.

Come and experience the wonders of natural healing from the African continent!
Feel shea butter in its natural state.
Hear how Africans founded aromatherapy thousands of years ago.
Learn how to buy and use natural African grown wonder ingredients while supporting fair trade and healthy partnerships.
You can take a "tour" of Anarres Natural Health Clinic, and ask about the modalities I use in my practice.
* Enjoy a tea or a crystal water, and a refreshing snack with relaxed informal discussion. Bring a friend!
Drop In 6 through 9pm.

To RSVP, for address and other info 416.535.9620 or