Contact Me

Whoa kids.  Don’t fill out the form yet.  While I would love to respond to every message I receive, as a full time accountant with a full time personal life, I can’t realistically read and reply to all of them.  So please consider the following questions first:

  1. If you’re a reporter with a deadline or anyone with a time sensitive issue, please go ahead and leave a message and include the words “Time Sensitive” in the subject line.  I do love to do phone or Skype interviews, especially if they’re fun.
  2. Are you requesting me to come speak to your group?  Please read this page.
  3. Do you have a product you want to promote?  Please read my Advertising/Review policy first.  The information on that page will be on the final exam, so study up.
  4. Want to “provide quality content?”  You should probably leave this page now.  I don’t generally accept guest posts unless they are personal in nature and from regular readers of this blog.  Please don’t tell me you enjoy my blog and then address me as “editor” or “sir” or “to whom it may concern.”  I will delete your message without responding.
  5. Are you looking for the answer to a plastic challenge in your life?  Good for you!  I don’t have all the answers, but all of the answers that I do have are either here on this blog or in my book, Plastic-Free.  Here are some ways to find solutions:
    • Use the search bar at the top of this page to type your query.
    • Post a question in the Discussion Group, and perhaps other readers will respond with ideas.
    • Peruse a copy of Plastic-Free.  The digital version is even searchable!
    • If all else fails, try Google.  Because honestly, if you send me a question about a topic I haven’t researched, that’s what I would do if I had time.  Skip the middleman.  Google is ready and waiting for your query at any time of day or night.  And once you have your answer, please do post it in the forum to share with others.
  6. If you’ve gotten this far, thank you for your patience.  Go ahead and send me your message.  I might answer right away or in 5 months or not at all.  Life is like that sometimes.