June 1, 2009

Alyssa in Boston

Alyssa in Boston

Hi, my name is Alyssa and I’m a plastic user. Here’s my story, and a tally of my waste between May 13-19, 2009 in response to Beth’s plastic challenge.

This is a tally of waste between me and my boyfriend Jeff. We’re both grad students, are vegan, and live in a small place in Boston. We try to limit our plastic consumption, but haven’t eliminated it yet. We have a lot of recycling options, both at home, school and at various local businesses (Whole Foods, for example), but if you read to the conclusion you’ll see that most of my plastic waste from this tally isn’t recyclable through any of those venues.

I’ve recently started a blog called Vegtopia which is about our lives, and our attempts at living self-reliant and vegan lifestyles. I have also posted our plastic tally there but want to repost it here as well. Here goes!!

I know that plastic waste may not seem to have much relevance to food, but for… Read the rest