June 14, 2009

Kale for Sale – One Week of Plastic

Kale for Sale – One Week of Plastic

I posted my week of saving plastic nearly a month ago before the smart format from Beth. Here it is again, but this time more succinct and on the official show us your plastic blog!

1) Week

# 1 (Second week in May)

2) Name:

Katrina @ kaleforsale.blogspot.com

3) List of Recyclable items (write out in list form and include the recycling # at the bottom and how it gets recycled in your community, as far as you know.)

None (But I realize I never look at the numbers on the bottom and I have no idea what numbers our community recycles!)

4) List of Non-Recyclable items

1 cookie tray 1 big bag from Dr. Earth’s soil 1 cellophane bag from Rancho Gordo beans 1 plastic lined Cliff Bar wrapper 1 piece of saran wrap around local cheese 1 sponge wrapper 1 ziploc baggie from almonds 1 ziploc baggie from walnuts 1 newspaper bag 1 knife 1 straw 2 forks 2 plastic rinds from jars of yogurt 2 packages for boat supplies 3 lids from coffee to go 10 envelopes with plastic windows

5) Total… Read the rest