June 1, 2009

Plastic Free L.A. — 52-week tally

Plastic Free L.A. — 52-week tally

Hi all,

Along with Beth I also have a plastic reductionist blog (http://plasticisforever.blogspot.com) and have been saving all (or what I estimate to be about 90-95%) of my plastic waste over the last year. I recently did a tally as the one year anniversary of my “plastic diet” was on June 1st. This is a picture of what I have accumulated in one year!

It comes out to be 446 individual pieces of plastic, which equates to 1.2 piece of plastic consumption per day over a year. The hardest area to reduce for me has been in food related plastic (especially dairy related food) which accounts for 45% of my plastic waste. Here is an inventory of my plastic consumption over the last year.

Food relatedplastic Plastic caps from glass milk bottles-28 Individual wrappers for bags of tea-20 Cheese wrappers-18 Junk food wrappers (i.e chips, snack packs, protein bars)-15 Little hard candy wrappers (i.e., mints, etc.)-10 Candy wrappers-8 Styrofoam of … Read the rest