June 13, 2014

Plastic Challenge: Erin Kurnik, Week 1

Plastic Challenge: Erin Kurnik, Week 1

I am unclear if certain items count as plastic (those are on the right in the photo) and if they are made from petroleum. Can anyone tell me? See below:

1. Inner candy bard wrapper that looks to be cellulose? 2. Inner candy bar wrapper that is gold on one side? 3. Wine bottle cap (non-corked wine)? 6. The flexible, metalish part of the olive oil bottle cap? 7. Labels that stick to the packing of a product. 8. Plastic wrappers for sponges (cellulose?) 9. Thick paper that is shiny on both sides (the kind that is often used for short product instructions). Wonder if it is coated in plastic? 10. Metallic butter wrappers.

Also, what do you do when your partner brings home tempting, addictive food in plastic?

Does anyone make a lot of food from scratch (or know of any plastic-free versions to purchase) like mayo, veg burgers, chips, crackers, whole grain gluten-free rolls/bread, etc.? Can any of this be cooked/baked/prepared very quickly and easily?

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