October 13, 2009

Green_grrl – plastic garbage (week 1)

Green_grrl – plastic garbage (week 1)

Week one is done.  Hadn’t quite thought about how personal posting pics of one’s garbage is!

Is worth it though.  Is such an eye opener and it’s already having an impact.  Today at work we had an all day meeting so pizza was ordered in for lunch.  With styrofoam plates.  :-(  I certainly couldn’t use one since I just promised (see below) to not use any more styrofoam.  So I walked back to my building to get my plate and cutlery from my office.  :-)

Recyclable Items

2 jugs (local apple cider) – recycling #2 – this is included in our curbside recycling

Non-recyclable Items

1 potato chip bag 1 package – organic sausages 1 bag tortilla chips – bag looked to be paper but is fully plastic on the inside 2 pieces saran wrap * 1 plastic window from a bag of bread 1 bag local cheese curds 2 stickers from a box of choc plastic security seal from eye drops label from a glass bottle of juice cough drop wrappers 2 cookie wrappers*… Read the rest