November 3, 2009

Green_grrl – Plastic Challenge (week 4)

plastic garbage - week4

This whole cutting down on plastic is harder than I thought it would be.  First I’m finding that there is a lot of existing plastic in the house.   And second, it is taking me (us) ages to change our habits.

Take the steak package above.  We could have bought the steak from a butcher in paper and put it in the freezer.  But on a weeknight when we are rushing, haven’t planned ahead, and need dinner *now*, we often end up at our local health food store 3 blocks from the house buying dinner on the way home.  And their meat is all in plastic.

I’m confident we’ll get there.  I think I need to allow us the time it takes to change our habits and ease up a bit on the guilt.  It’s hard though!

Good steps this week – instead of buying the baking powder I normally get (includes plastic), I bought it in bulk.

Recyclable plastic:

  • milk carton – recycled in our curbside pickup

Non-recyclable plastic:

  • cheese curd package
  • candy wrapper (found in purse)
  • 2 cans tomato paste (can recyclable but plastic liner not)
  • 2 cheese wrappers
  • 1 spice package (months ago let my cayenne run out and then needed to replace it asap  – no time to go to the bulk store. )
  • top from baking soda
  • plastic from needle cases (replaced these with this)
  • plastic from new tv antenna (bought by hubby but will be enjoyed by me as well).  The whole dang thing is plastic though.  Sigh.  Hopefully it lasts a long time.
  • 1 misc wrapper
  • 1 eye dropper
  • 1 vitamin bottle security seal (glass bottle, plastic top)
  • 1 vanilla bottle security seal (glass bottle, metal top)
  • 1 package – steak
  • 1 take away container
  • 1 tie from a stack of paper yard waste bags

Number of plastic items: 21

Weight: 7.75oz

Changes I will make starting this week to avoid plastic:

  • Don’t let bulk and plastic free stuff run out – keep extras on hand if required
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