June 29, 2009

Lauren Hamilton’s Plastic Tally

Lauren Hamilton’s Plastic Tally

Plastic Tally

Starting Saturday June 6, 2009 ending Friday June 12, 2009

I work as a 6th grade reading teacher at a charter school for economically disadvantaged students, so I often work 12 -14 hours a day. Thus, convenience foods play a more predominant role in my life than I would like. Nonetheless, I want to tally my plastic once during a week of school and once during the summer. This is my last week of school and while it is only a four day week with 1pm dismissal times, it is a fairly typical representation of my personal plastic use.

Summer gives me more time to find non-plastic alternatives, and more importantly, eliminate more of the convenience food I rely on during the school year.

I have decided not to include items that may be lined with plastic materials, or items used by my partner only. I have included mutually beneficial items and items used at work.

Usually, my work plastic would include more dried up overhead markers, transparency film and… Read the rest