July 10, 2009

Amy: Week 1

Amy:  Week 1

I did not collect all my plastic.  Though it makes for a great picture, and I love the visual Beth presents each week, I refused to wash it all and collect it. Instead, I thought about it on and off all week, especially when I chucked things in the trash that could be recycled if I made the effort. Here’s is all of the plastic discarded May 11 to 17. I had a head cold, so there is a LOT of cold meds listed.

Three black plastic trays with plastic film covers, from Healthy Choice frozen entrees. Cough pill bottle Cough syrup bottle & dosing cup Pill blister pack from Phenylephrine Overwrap from Puffs Plus Surrounding film from pop-up tissues Cough drop bag Tylenol bottle Rice bag Overwrap film, rice bag, veggie bag, and sauce bag from frozen Chinese Tortilla bag Stickers on bell peppers Apple bag Salad bag Pudding cup and peel-off lid Individual cookie wrapper Twix wrapper Catfish bag, outer bag, outer outer bag (our seafood counter and bagger apparently… Read the rest