June 1, 2009

TheGreenCat in NYC

TheGreenCat in NYC

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m TheGreenCat. I blog over at It’s a Green Green Green Green World. I live alone in Manhattan (where I also work full-time). I try to limit my overall waste anyway, so while I don’t avoid plastic, I do try to avoid tossing it in the landfills (as I try to avoid tossing anything in the landfills). Here’s my first go-round with Beth’s plastic challenge:

Total plastic waste generated in 7 days: 4.5 ounces of plastic (not including the few items noted below).2.5 ounces is recyclable.

Plastic that I owned prior to Monday:

3 cellophane bags from some gift boxes a couple strips of tape 1 cellophane bag from soup mix a couple of bandaids (not pictured or weighed) 1 take out container 1 shampoo bottle and cap 1 fruit container 1 synthetic wine cork

New plastic I acquired during the week:

1 styrofoam tray, plastic pad and plastic wrap from chicken breasts (not pictured or weighed) 1 disposable… Read the rest