October 26, 2009

Green_grrl – Plastic Challenge (week 3)

Didn’t do as well this week as last.


Here’s the tally:

Recyclable Items

  1. Plasticized milk carton (part of the curbside program but unsure how it’s recycled)

Non-recyclable Items

  1. nacho chip bag
  2. 2 windows from bread bags
  3. plastic wrap and inner packaging – fig bars
  4. 1 piece saran wrap(cucumber was wrapped in plastic – why is this necessary??)
  5. 2 empty deodorants
  6. 4 lids and 2 security seals from glass milk bottles
  7. fountain pop lid and straw
  8. top from a hot choc (disposable paper cup)
  9. envelope window
  10. 1 bag beer nuts – not depicted
  11. 1 plastic bag that whole local org chicken came in – not depicted
  12. 3 plastic grocery bags (for garbage) – not depicted

Total number of items = 24
Total weight of plastic stash = 8oz
Tally analysis

  • What did I do this week to avoid plastic?
    *Bought lots of stuff in bulk (see pic below) – I brought all those containers to the health food store this weekend and filled them all up!
    *Switched to a plastic-free deodorant
    *Brought my lunch to work most days and on days I didn’t bought lunch from the deli that sells sandwich wrapped in paper.

Questions I’m not sure the answer to:

  1. Is it better to buy milk in glass bottles with plastic tops which are not recyclable vs. buying milk cartons which are recyclable (but I’m not sure how and to what extent)
  2. What to do at events that don’t allow you to bring any food and drink (e.g. The beer nut bag, fountain pop top and straw and hot choc top are all from an NHL game I went to this week). I def. could have brought a mug for the hot choc – didn’t plan on having any but the arena was FREEZING (I know you are all like, well duh! but normally it isn’t that cold in the stands!). But not sure what I could do about the drink. Here too I tried to pick the best option but still not sure I succeeded – I chose to pick a fountain drink because it seemed to contain less plastic. However if I’d have chosen a plastic bottle of pop, the bottle could have been recycled. What’s better?

Bulk food purchases this week – no new plastic! :)


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