October 2, 2016

Join the Challenge

Join the Challenge

The challenge site is closed to new submissions.  But you can (and should!) still participate on your own or with a group!  Browse around this site and see what others have done.  When you’re ready to start, here are the rules:

UPDATE:  If you’d like to post your challenge results, you may now do so within the Challenge topic in the Plastic-Free Discussion Forum.


1.) Collect all of your own plastic waste, both recyclable and non, for a minimum of one week. If you want to go for more than one week, great! Just keep each week’s collection separate.

2.) What qualifies as yours? Anything that benefits you. So, if your housemate or significant other brings home a tub of yogurt that you both share, the tub goes in your tally. But if you hate yogurt, never touch the stuff, and wouldn’t have bought it for yourself in a million years, it’s not your responsibility. What about stuff for your kids? I’ll leave that… Read the rest

May 29, 2016

Plastic Challenge: Michelle, Week 1

Plastic Challenge: Michelle, Week 1

I discovered that I tend to use A LOT of plastic bags as container for all my food and other stuff. I want to find better solutions for this. I have a very small kitchen and therefore don’t really have the space for a lot of food containers.

I also want to find a better solution for all the plastic bags I use for all my trash every day. I know that there is a post about this on this blog, but since i live with two other roommates I would like to find a solution that they can live with as well.

Location:  Aarhus C, Aarhus, Denmark… Read the rest