August 25, 2009

Basilbias- Week Number Six


Windowed Baguette Bag

From the farmer’s market. Why it needed a window, I don’t know, since it was displayed sans bag. If I ever remember, I’m bringing this back to put my next loaf in. And when I’m feeling really ambitious, I’m going to make reusable bread storage bags. I have them all planned out in my head. One will be baguette-shaped and one loaf-shaped.

Ginger Thin Cookie Bag

The least packaging-intensive vegan cookie available at the market near my work. Bought by my super-thoughtful friend on a day we were in desperate need of cookies and tea.

Tea Box Wrapper

See above.

Test Scrap from Messenger Bag

From the bag I’m attempting to make out of an old vinyl sign.

Two Windowed Envelopes

Peach Sticker

Lemon Sticker

Garden Burger Bag

Not GardenBurger brand. Although their name would suggest otherwise, those aren’t vegan. Bought for a last minute 4th of July barbeque. Normally, I would have made them from scratch.

Cat Food Bag

The food that we used to feed our cats, which came in a paper bag, got recalled. After trying Organix (the only other brand that comes in paper at Pet Food Express) with disastrous results, we settled for Halo. Which comes in plastic.*

Total Items: 11

Total Weight: 2.25 oz

* I haven’t been very good about keeping track of the plastic waste our cats generate, since my very efficient roommate is mostly in charge of that department. But I’m trying to catch the bags their food and litter come in before she fills them with used litter and throws them out. (We recently switched to eco-friendly litter (Feline Pine) which also comes in plastic. Naturally.)

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