September 28, 2009

BillieRyder – Plastic Trash Eating Challenge – Month 4

Another month has gone by. It goes by so quickly.

Weight Loss: 3lbs (all in the last week)
Items: 58
Weight of plastic: 10.25 oz

21 hot chocolate pots
tortilla bag
candy wrapper
peanut butter jar +lid – recycled
Bavaria Blue cheese plastic wrap
3 milk lid
3 milk zipper
3lb beef tray
chocolate chip bag
celery bag
vinegar lid
pasta window
tea bag
thai instant soup
ice cream wrapper
ice cream seal + ring – disclaimer
seal from bottle of garlic
cracker sleeve
seal from hot chocolate

Plastic from Travel:
Carls Jr – Fish and chips styrofoam
– tartar sauce cup + lid
Arranchero House – plastic sheet
– styrofoam cup for soap
Days Inn – styrofoam cup
– peanut butter
– spoon, fork, knife
Plane – mini pretzel bag

Disclaimer: this was a friends contribution to the meal and wouldn’t you know it, she purchased a brand with plastic!

I spent 3 days in travel. In fact, I spent most of those three days in the airport and less than 24 hours in Mexico with the client. As a result, I ate for almost 3 days in the airport. I gained a lb in those three days because I ate absolutely HORRIBLY in an effort to keep my plastic down. Instead of eating fruit in a clamshell, I ate Popeye’s chicken and fries. The one time I tried to make a good choice, I ended up with styrofoam from the fish when I could have had a burger in cardboard. The ride from DC to Atlanta was supposed to be 1.5 hours. I didn’t bring food with me. Who is going to starve in 1.5 hours? Apparently me, because I was on that plane for 5 hours and ended up landing in a different state due to weather. I managed to keep my hunger appeased with a single packet of mini pretzels.

The rest of the list looks pretty good.

What I can get rid of?

When you look at a whole month, you see the amount of plastic that you end up with when you use the hot chocolate at work. Almost 1/3 of my items comes from that alone. It is time to change. Goodbye hot chocolate from work. I will miss you. Hello humungous container of Nestle hot chocolate with the plastic lid and seal. But that will be all the plastic for a month’s worth of drinks or more. And naturally, I forgot it this morning so you will see a plastic pot on my list next month. You think this might have been a easy substitute and wonder why I didn’t do it earlier but it wasnt. Nestle has nothing on the taste of Green Mountain hot chocolate and the hot chocolate at work was FREE!

I have one more piece of blue cheese plastic to come in next month and then it will be all gone. I finally found a very reasonably priced blue cheese that comes in foil that I actually like the taste of. I bought my first 2lb brick of it this week. Goodbye blue cheese plastic and hello Castello blue cheese block! YUM!

Forgive me but I have sinned. That ice cream wrapper was completely uncalled for but I WANTED IT! And I guess we simply can’t have chocolate chips in the house. Forget the cookies or muffins. I just want the chips and ate them right out of the bag! *sigh* carob chips are completely not the same and all I can get in the bulk section.

What am I not giving up?

meat – but 3lbs of waste from meat in a month is NOTHING! meat consumption is way down.
thai instant soup


I have been holding steady at about 15 pieces of plastic a week. I have been seriously trying to reduce the plastic but it is incredibly difficult. Lets see how next month works after I substitute in the Nestle hot chocolate. Can I keep my plastic below 40 items?

Next time I travel and find myself in the airport for days on end – I am throwing my plastic challenge out the window. I ate like complete crap while I was gone in an effort to reduce my plastic and this is not what my challenge is about. It was about eating better and clearly that can’t happen in an environment that worships plastic. The cool thing about this was that I actually asked vendors how they packaged their stuff and I even managed to get this across in Spanish such that the vendor changed how they served the meal for me. Baby steps!

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