September 1, 2009

BillieRyder – Plastic Trash Eating Challenge – Week #12

No weight loss to report. It is hard to believe that I have spent 1/4 of my year involved in this challenge. I have lost 7 lbs to date.

And on to the weekly statistics:

Weight: 1.75oz + chicken tray
Items: 17

Styrofoam chicken tray
plastic from cheese “Sole Gran Queso”
plastic from Parmesan cheese
plastic from cheese “La Pearl” blue cheese
cracker sleeve
6 x hot chocolate pots
2 x tea bag wrappers
2 x milk caps
2 x zippers from milk jugs

Now before you think I inhaled a heck of a lot of cheese – let me explain!
I did eat the little chunk of “La Pearl” blue cheese and the parmesan (what was left of it) but I didn’t eat the “Sole Gran Queso”. A banana went completely bad and leaked juice all over the fridge so I had to unwrap the cheeses and put them in a container.

Interestingly enough, the cheeses were a result of exactly what Beth was talking about today on her blog. A while ago she made mention of buying a wheel of cheese so it would be plastic free. I thought this was a pretty good idea but before I plopped down a chunk of change (35$ for the blue cheese wheel), I thought I should try a little chunk of the cheese to make sure I actually liked it. This was a good plan because I hated the “La Pearl” blue cheese. I won’t be buying a wheel of that any time soon. I am not so sure I am in love with the “Sole Gran Queso” cheese. It fits the bill of being a hard cheese like Parmesan. It tastes ok but it is HARD! So hard that grating it with my trusty cheese grater sends bits and pieces flying all over the kitchen. I will have to grate it in a Pamper Chef hand grater. I still think I will likely buy this cheese as a wheel as it is fairly reasonably priced.

What will I replace with a non-plastic alternative?

The cheese of course. Not all cheese as cheddar and mozzerella will still be in their plastic wrapped blocks but at least my ‘hard cheese’ and my ‘treat cheese’ will be plastic free.

Someone told me that Whole Foods sold milk in glass jugs with metal caps. I haven’t seen this but need to investigate the truth of these words to ensure that I don’t have a better choice than what I am already using.

I still have 8 or 9 tea bags left so I presume these will be showing up for another month or so before I go with other alternatives.

What will I give up?

Nothing. Still not giving up that hot chocolate. The reality is that my personal life is in a mess and I need a bit of pampering – yes, on a daily basis. This is going to stay.

I have cut down on my meat substantially but not giving it up nor springing for plastic free alternatives. I am having a hard enough time as it is keeping within the grocery budget without dealing with the price of plastic free alternatives. We pick our battles the best we can.


I think it is really tough to come to new conclusions at this point. For me at least, so few items are making it into the list outside of the regular items (milk, crackers, hot chocolate) that it is tough to see trends. As a result, I am going to post my next post a month from now. I think it would be easier to see what is going on if I look over a longer period of time.

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