June 22, 2009

BillieRyder – Plastic Trash Eating Challenge – Week #2

I spent another week recovering from the cold I got so I didn’t exercise. Could this be the reason why I GAINED a pound on my NO PLASTIC challenge?

Here is my plastic trash for week 2: Jun 13 – Jun 19

There were no recyclable items as we can only recycle bottles and they are pretty easy to stay away from.

I am going to divide the items into two categories. What I used during the week and what I used to celebrate my stepson’s birthday.

What I used for the week:
Number of items: 6
Weight: .25 oz (I guessed since it weighed so little it barely registered)

Saltine cracker wrapper
Milk cap + plastic zipper from milk bottle
Seasoning insert top from minced onion bottle
1 foil candy wrapper
saran wrap off partially used onion stored in fridge – disclaimer below

Man, I tried not to use that onion. I even used a newer onion in the hopes that my husband would use the rest of the onion in his cooking. When it became apparent that I use the onion or it go bad… I used the onion and stuck the saran wrap in my tally. I do not store my onions in saran wrap if I leave an onion unused. I put it in a tupperware container. This was my husband’s doing!

What I used for my stepson’s birthday party:
Number of items: 11
Weight: 3.25 oz

Cake top and bottom from the Spiderman cake I ordered at Shoppers
McDonald’s salad container
Straw + lid : see disclaimer below
Newman’s salad dressing packet
2 small bags for salad accessories

I put iced tea in my cup and then left it there with my husband while I carried the kids’ drinks back to the table. My husband very kindly put a lid and straw on my cup for me and carried it back to the table! ARGH!

What completely killed me about going to McDonalds is that I generated more plastic than everyone else combined because I wanted to eat healthily. Ok… only if you don’t take into account the little plastic toys that came with the Happy Meal and the whole reason why my stepson chose McDonalds for his birthday meal. If I went with the goal of simply not using plastic I could have done that. I could have ordered fries and a sandwich. No plastic involved. But my goal was to eat healthily and the salad was the way to go. But the salad was one big plastic fest which really bothered me to no end.

What items could I replace?

The seasoning insert won’t be happening again unless I have another old bottle floating around. I now buy my spices in bulk. This is actually a good thing for more reasons than just plastic. I have spice jars that only hold about 4TB of spice. Since I am only getting about 4TB of spices at one time, I am using up my spices more often and they end up fresher!

I could have made my stepson’s cake. Maybe next year I will try to get more organized.

Outside of the McDonald’s food, I didn’t touch any convenience items nor did I create plastic on food I am willing to give up. The sole example was the candy wrapper. I didn’t need that but boy… did I ever want it. That was the only piece of candy I had in two weeks which is a freaking miracle for me!

I am fine if I stick to food created inside my home. This would be most food that I eat. The second I step out of my house, I have a real issue keeping in my mind that I need to be careful of plastic. Next weeks’ tally will show that in the Starbuck’s Frappacino cup that I have. It didn’t even cross my mind that the Frappacino came in plastic when I ordered it.

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