July 20, 2009

BillieRyder – Plastic Trash Eating Challenge – Week #6

In Week 6, I managed to lose another pound. WooHoo! There is still a fair bit of wondering around looking for and failing to find appropriate junk food. Or at least finding appropriate junk food in which I am willing to toss the plastic into the plastic tally. I did a great job in terms of the weight of my plastic but I haven’t reduced the number of items.

Number of items: 16
Weight: 1.25 oz

Pecan plastic bag
milk cap + 2 zippers
plastic ring from a bottle of roasted garlic
hotdog baggie
parmesan cheese bag
bag from a block of Cheddar cheese
3 x Chamomile tea
1 ginger tea
bag from Strawberry Kiwi tea sampler
3 plastic containers from tea at work

What is easily replaceable?
The pecan plastic bag came from before I started this challenge. I now buy nuts in bulk. Easily replaceable.

Some of the tea bags are easily replaceable. I haven’t seen loose ginger tea but I only drink ginger tea when my stomach is upset (tastes nasty in my opinion) as it works to calm down your stomach. I often drink Chamomile tea. I have found some Chamomile dried flower heads that you can supposedly make a tea from. I purchased a bit to make some tea but am seriously skeptical of how it will taste. Ideas on how I can make this palatable? When I drink tea, I tend to drink a fair amount of Chamomile tea as it helps me sleep. It doesn’t have to taste amazing but I would like to not torture myself either with the taste. There will probably be many more tea bags to come in the count as I plan on using up what I already have.

What would I be willing to give up if there was no alternative?
My conscience is really bothering me about the 3 plastic containers that I got from work. For the past 6 years at my job, I have had 2 hot chocolate every morning. No plastic involved as far as I know. Last week, they switched over to a Keurig brewer. This brewer works by taking a little plastic individual brew pot and putting it into the coffee brewer. The brewer punches a hole in the top and bottom of the plastic pot and water goes through the pot and makes a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate. I have reduced my intake from 2 to 1 but I am having a hard time wanting to give up this habit that is extremely ingrained. I could switch to something I bring from home but that is not quite the same as the FREE offering from my company which I had been taking advantage of.

So we got rid of the outside of the house plastic this week. WooHoo!! But now that I am not dogging myself about that… I see another trend. The hotdog baggie is representative of my other downfall – the children. I have a hard time figuring out what to feed the kids that doesn’t involve plastic. They probably aren’t going to like the Quinoa Salad that creates not one bit of plastic nor Arduous’ ramja which also produced no plastic. I have been fairly inventive over the last few weeks in an effort to make items that are no or low-plastic. Not all of them have been successful. The Summer Squash soup – although reasonably edible – will not make its way back into the house again. I tasted Arduous’s ramja last night and it might well go in the same place as the Summer Squash soup. Ok to try it but it won’t be coming back. So last week was Pigs in a Blanket and this week was Pizza roll-ups (pepperoni plastic). Now I have to say that the Pizza Roll-ups will NOT be making a comeback. The kids liked them but neither Papa or I really liked them. I need to put more thought into the meal that I serve the kids on the weekend to see if I can make something kid friendly AND plastic free.

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