March 16, 2009

Cheese Foolery! Year 2, Week 39 Results: .4 oz of plastic waste.

I really let myself get fooled two weeks ago. In a way that I’m sure Organic Needle will understand! You’ll see what I mean in this week’s tally. All new plastic again this week:

  • 1 ZRNet Internet card. I mentioned this one in my post about plastic gift cards. The company has confirmed that this card is not reloadable or recyclable (being a mix of plastic and paper). *Sigh* I won’t be using the Internet at The Coffee Roastery on Union Street again.
  • Plastic wrap from a Financial West Group mailing. Yet more plastic from this group. Sending it all back before had no effect, apparently.
  • 1 inner cheese wrapper lining from a block of Trader Joe’s Swiss raw milk cave aged Gruyere. The wrapper looked like paper, I swear. In fact, it was paper — on the outside. Secretly, I knew there would be plastic inside. How could there not be? But I decided to risk it, purely for research purposes, of course, so you guys would not be similarly fooled. And the truth is, the cheese was awesome. I enjoyed every bite. Sharp and nutty and umami! It’s hard not to do it again.

Well, I’m off… to the dentist and then to my first singing lesson! Yes, I decided that part of being healthy is to give time to other things I love, so taking a cue from Arduous, I’m going to jump in. Singing is something I’ve loved since I was a little kid pretending I was Pat Benatar, holding a deodorant stick microphone in the bathroom mirror.

I still sing every time I’m in the shower and take it to our local karaoke bar a few times a year. In fact, Michael and I had our wedding reception at said karaoke bar! But sometimes I sing so hard I can’t speak afterwards. (Yes, that’s fun for all involved.) So I’d like to learn how to do it right. I’m only 44 years old. No time like now!

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You are so awesome! I took voice for about 10 years. I started b/c I was a theatre major, but kept doing it b/c it was great for relaxation and focus and breathing. I hope you love it!


Of course I understand. I have never met a Gruyere I didn’t like. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Supporting well made cheese is a form of very tasty conservationism. At least that is what I tell myself while I’m stuffing my own cheese hole.


Hey, congrats on the singing lessons!! I am so happy you’re taking them, and I hope you enjoy them. Next time I’m in the Bay, we are totally karaokeing up a storm!! :)


Cat-wollering!!! I love cat-wollering! I mean Karoke. I sing a pretty mean Barry Manilow myself. LOL One of the funnest weddings I ever went to ended up at a Karoke bar!


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You can Find those at amazon for about 10.99 each but you should be able to find them cheaper.Just my 2 cents. Love the Blog Beth

Lara S.

I’m so happy that you’re taking singing lessons!! Next thing you should do is “No Plastic: the musical” !! lol
I joined a chorus last week after 2 years of missing my other chorus, which sadly dissolved. So I can’t wait ’till tomorrow for our next rehearsal.

Have fun!

Indoor Kitty

Hi Beth, I’ve been stopping by your blog for a few months now, and I thought I’d leave a few comments. First, I’m really impressed with your graciousness toward those who aren’t as committed as you. I especially loved the post about the plastic birthday heart. A lovely comment in this age of shrill. I’m not anywhere as anti-plastic as you are. (I’m about thirty miles from the big fly ash spill in East Tennessee, I swam in a lake full of PCB’s as a kid, and I’ve spent most of my professional life in asbestos filled buildings. I figure… Read more »


Congrats on starting singing lessons! My husband and I both sing in a community college chorus. And I’ve started taking private lessons as well after years of wanting them. I think it’s sad how many people don’t try things like that because they’re nervous about sounding/looking bad — but that’s why you get lessons, to improve! I never thought I’d ever get my husband to join me in chorus because he had never done anything like that at all. Even in school, he was never into group activities or performance/creative activities. But he tagged along enough to my practices I… Read more »


LOVE the singing lessons idea! We all need to do new things, it keeps us young. I took lessons in college, and when I sing today, I still remember stuff I was taught back then. :-) Enjoy your new activity!


I think that everyone should take singing lessons. They really benefit your speaking voice and breathing as well as your singing ability. You actually might find your sleeping improves as you learn to properly use your breath.
Hope you have fun!!!