February 25, 2010

Erin Peters from The Conscious Shopper: Week 1

Erin Peter's One Week Trash Collection

I collected all my trash for one one week.  Listed below are the plastic items.  You can read the full post and weigh in on your own waste issues here:  http://consciousshopper.blogspot.com/2010/01/my-family.html


  • diapers
  • milk lids
  • plastic packaging
  • 2 superglue dispensers
  • 3 cereal bags
  • 1 cheese package
  • 1 sugar bag
  • 1 tortilla bag
  • 2 tortilla chip bags
  • 1 velveeta cheese wrapper
  • styrofoam cup with lid and straw
  • cocoa tub
  • broken belt
  • broken sunglasses
  • dried-out marker
  • random craft pieces

Recyclables (not pictured):

  • 2 milk jugs
  • 3 soymilk containers

A few notes about some of the items:

Diapers: We use cloth during the day and disposables at night because my kids get terrible rashes when we try cloth at night. The babe that’s in diapers now has about six more months, I think, until we’ll be done with diapers for good.

Broken sunglasses: Second Son got these from the doctor. They broke the next day.

Milk jugs: Normally we buy milk in returnable glass bottles, but Whole Foods was out of stock last week.

Brainstorming Solutions

  • Diapers: Try cloth at night one more time. If that doesn’t work, prepare to potty train.
  • Plastic packaging: Be more mindful of the packaging on products I buy.
  • Cereal bags and boxes, tortilla bag, tortilla chip bags: Make food from scratch.
  • Sugar bag, cocoa container: Check the bulk bins.

Now I have a plan of action for reducing my trash.

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