June 2, 2009

FAKE PLASTIC ROB- My week of saving my plastic garbage


The Fake Plastic Gauntlet Challenge-
Starring Rob as The Wannabe Fake Plastic Fish
guest starring
Sammy The cat as Soots the cat

When I started this I totally expected to have a low total. What an eye opener! How quick we forget about bread wrappers, coffee lids etc.
I have a greater appreciation for what Beth goes through day in and day out. Now I realize that we were not suppose to alter our patterns for this challenge, but you can’t help it when you have on the back of the mind WWFPFD? I was surprised how easily forces beyond my control throw plastic at me. I was also surprised I remembered my own shopping bag all week. The coffee thing is something I gotta work on. I am very good at carrying my own mug (muggsly) everywhere, but I also forget from time to time. If I am more vigilant over my forgetfulness, I can be more like Beth. I even wrote an email to a company over their packaging- The American Peanut Company.
Notice I divide my waste to total amount, amount to be re-used and amount to be recycled. Of course one realizes it is better to reduce, but it’s nice to know I do pretty well at re-using and re-cycling.
Total plastic waste=28.25 ounces
Total of Plastic to be recycled =2.0
Total of Plastic for re-use= 21oz
Total to be Discarded= 6.25 ounces

PGMe (1)

Notice the nice new t-shirt- No plastic waste at all !



Container lid and straw from a Mocha Joe .5 ounces




Sammy “Soots” can’t leave the plastic alone
A small container of 2 cycle motor oil (kept the container to use for a measure cup and I can buy a larger size of the same oil)
A large ziplock bag that Romeo’s dog food comes in (washed the bag- will reuse) 2.0
(obviuosly that is not the ziplock bag- that bag is on tomorrows count)


A couple of plastic bags that some of my compost came in (will reuse those bags in the garden)
A zippered bag that I got as a gift containing a mattress pad (reuse to put sweaters in)

Milk Jug (recycle) I would buy milk in a glass bottle if it were available- stores that sell it (whole Foods, PCC) have no interest in expanding south of Seattle
2 small (single serving) bags of peanuts — I thought they were paper, plastic that looks and feels like paper? The nerve!
Total for Tuesday- 15 oz



1 Large (5lb) container from NW BEST POTATO SALAD 2.5 OZ(reuse for a compost container to feed worms in worm bin)
2 top ramen wrappers .5 Oz
3 envelopes with plastic windows- recycle
1 Large envelope that my Union Lobbyist pin came in

1 very small ziplock bag that the pin came in way to small to re-use
1 six pack ring- cut up before throwing away (need to figure out a way to reuse those in an art project one of these days)
Total for Wednesday- 4.5 oz

1 small plastic bag that contained four of the best snickerdoodles I ever ate (bought at the farmers market).25 oz will reuse for cheese or something
1 small plastic cup from a “Crystal Light” orange drink mix (My “orange Juice”).25 TOTAL WASTE FOR THURSDAY= .50 Oz.

1 plastic lid from a coffee(I was bad this week- that’s two coffee purchases and no Muggsly).25 oz
2 “ramen” wrappers (Notice I don’t include the seasoning packets with the top ramen — I am not cheating- I save them if the recipe doesn‘t call for them- then when a recipe calls for boullion or stock and I don’t have any they go in) .5 oz
1 Dakota Organic Hamburger package-.5 (at least it was”organic”)
1 Ziplock type bag from shredded mozzarella cheese .5 (will reuse)

PG Saturday

1 Ziplock style bag from cheese- .5 oz (will be re-used)
1 plastic cover from a hacksaw I bought (drives me nuts that the feel they need that kind of packaging- like the tool will spoil or something ).5 oz
1 plastic spoon that broke- am going to buy only wooden mixing spoons from now on 1.0 ounces
Total for Saturday 2.0 ounces

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