November 3, 2010

Lena, Ethical Ocean, Weeks 3

Lena Ethical Ocean plastic waste

Name: Lena

Week: 3

Personal Info:
For personal info, see Lena’s Week 1 tally.

Total items: 15

Total weight:

Items: Recyclable
Juice bottle
peanut butter container

Items: Nonrecyclable
Chip bag
bread bag
plastic that wrapped table clothes I purchased
mini candy/chocolate bar wrappers
lids from fountain pop
one coffee cup lid.

What items can I replace with plastic free or less plastic alternatives?
I could eat full sized chocolate/candy bars and drink juice purchased in cartons.

What items would I be willing to give up if a plastic free alternative doesn’t exist?
II could give up chocolate wrapped in plastic. There are plenty of alternatives and it would be healthier for me anyway.

What items are essential and seem to have no plastic-free alternative?
Sliced bread. Peanut butter (unless I made and packaged my own). Chips unless I eat Sunchips.

What lifestyle change(s) might be necessary to reduce my plastic consumption?
Don’t buy Hallowe’en candy.

What one plastic item am I willing to give up or replace this week?
Plastic juice bottles.

What other conclusions, if any, can I draw?
Hallowe’en season is a waste of plastic!

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