January 29, 2011

Plastic Challenge: Molly de Vries, Week 1


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Name: Molly de Vries

Weeks: 1

Personal Info:
My name is Molly de Vries i am the owner of Ambatalia, textiles for a non-disposable life. I am a mom of three kids and I am fortunate to be married to a beautiful man as well. We live in Mill Valley in a 8oo sq’ cottage with a dog, kitty, 5 chickens, 6 fish and a turtle. My journey towards a non-disposable life is a way for me ultimately to find peace in my life. I’m naturally unorganized. I am definitely clearing and moving toward a simpler life. By the way I am only strongly suggesting to the rest of my family to use less plastics. I have made a decision not to control of force any one to not use plastics. Hopefully I will inspire. There for I am only tallying my own plastic use for now.

Total items: 3

Total weight:

Items: Recyclable

Items: Nonrecyclable
an old tupperware lid that I had to let go of. ( I realized that this was never mine (my husband used to buy these stupid containers and thank god he dosn’t any more))
Two plastic bags from some glass storage bowls I bought.
(I actually collected more than this because at first I wanted to tally the whole family.)

What items can I replace with plastic free or less plastic alternatives?
To be honest i bought these bowls at cosco. I dislike Cosco for many reasons but I saw this and at the time I thought it was cool. There are a few thing I look for when I purchase. I see where its made, what kind of packaging and what the materials are. in this case I was impressed because the glass bowls where made in the US and the Plastic lids were made in France BPA free. The price was amazing and that is why i don’t buy anything because I want the best and the best cost ya. I usually do with out but I got excited about the bowls. looking back ya there is plastic and then I open the box and of course there is more plastic. Hope fully they will last a long time. I could of passed and just bought one good stainless steel, no plasti lids alternative.

What items would I be willing to give up if a plastic free alternative doesn’t exist?
The bowls

What items are essential and seem to have no plastic-free alternative?

What lifestyle change(s) might be necessary to reduce my plastic consumption?
Learning a new way of cooking. I think I need to take a class.I think making beautiful food that doesn’t come in packaging is an art form and takes planning which is very difficult for me.

What one plastic item am I willing to give up or replace this week?

What other conclusions, if any, can I draw?

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EcoCatLady (AKA Rebecca)
Hi Molly, I totally know what you mean about being willing to take it to a point. I’m not willing to give up cheese or pay 10 times the amount to get it from a local dairy that doesn’t use plastic packaging. I’ve looked at making it, but I fear it’s a rather long term process… Anyhow, if you want to give flour tortillas a go, this is hands down the best recipe I’ve found: http://www.homesicktexan.com/2007/03/and-end-to-my-quest-flour-tortillas.html. I generally use whole wheat flour instead of white and it works fine… they are a bit of work, but mostly just rolling them… Read more »
Thank you Rebecca and Beth, I just sent off my 2nd week and it had I believe 9 pieces of plastic. so ya that first week was amazing. I believe that for the most part I’m willing to do with out in my life, to the point of not being able to make dinner in the way the i would like. So I struggle with it on one hand and on the other hand I believe and hope that I am building something. Recently I bought some flour tortillas. Now I have not bought those for so long because I… Read more »
EcoCatLady (AKA Rebecca)
Holy Kazoli! Only 3 pieces of plastic?!? I am not worthy. I have to say, I am probably the least organized human on the face of the planet, but I have developed a total love for cooking. It didn’t used to be that way though, I used to absolutely hate it because it was all about following directions and I just plain suck at following directions. But… 3 forces came together for me to totally change my perspective. 1) A friend gave me a copy of “Laurel’s Kitchen” which is the most wonderful cookbook ever written (IMHO). I just love… Read more »

Molly, that’s amazing that you only had a couple of bowl wrappers for the week! Will you please leave a comment here and let readers know how you have gotten your plastic down so low? Just a few tips would be great. Thanks!