May 18, 2011

Plastic Challenge: Laura A, Week 16


Any suggestions for easy to pack vegetarian lunches that don’t require reheating or refrigeration besides an icepack?

Location:Bar Harbor, Maine, United States

Name: Laura A

Week: 16

Personal Info:

Total items: 16

Total weight: 1.3

Items: Recyclable
water bottle, #2

Items: Nonrecyclable
tag on broccoli
tag on cilantro
2 plastic lined soup packets
bag from race freebie
ring from glass milk bottle
3 energy bar wrappers
band aids tabs
celery bag
Miracle-Gro packet
2 plant tags
pizza cutter wheel wrapper

What items can I easily replace with plastic free or less plastic alternatives?
The water bottle! Poor preparation couple with a change of plans left me with a water bottle!
The energy bar wrappers.

What items would I be willing to give up if a plastic free alternative doesn’t exist?
Miracle-Gro packet. I have a few of these left over from a school project a few years ago so I’m using them up.
The plants tags were found in a plastic pot in the shed left by a previous owner. I’m reusing the pot.
The pizza cutter wheel was a purchase made to try to use up a Bed Bath and Beyond gift card (see last week). I’m using to cut my homeade egg noodles that I use in my soup instead of the instant soup packets. It’s made it a lot easier.

What items are essential and seem to have no plastic-free alternative?
Stupid broccoli and cilantro tags. I am growing cilantro and eventually I’ll be able to buy more veggies at the farmer’s market but this is Maine- the growing season is not very long so most of the year it has to come from the store.

What lifestyle change(s) might be necessary to reduce my plastic consumption?
I am transitioning from unemployed to working and I was not prepared in the food dept. I’m working on having easy to travel food.

What one plastic item am I willing to give up or replace this week?
Those energy bar wrappers.

What other conclusions, if any, can I draw?

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