June 25, 2009

Vanessa Week 4


June 1st thru June 7th

-3 produce/bulk bags will be reused for kitty litter
cracker bag old saltines that had a hole in it and were disgustingly stale
carrot bag I don’t really think there is much of alternative to this, I could probably get carrots at a local farmers market but I have not been too impressed with the prices and from what I remember a lot of the stuff is pre-bagged there too
-chip bag
-bread bag I love this bread and there is little to no chance that I will give it up. It is from a local company and so very delicious. I am interested in getting a bread maker and trying my hand at making my own but it won’t replace this if I do. These are sourdough heat and serve pull aparts, so delicious.
-ice bag
-2 cereal bags
-2 envelopes with plastic windows
-sour cream container I LOVE sour cream and I wish I could find a smaller container because I almost always waste some. My husband and sour cream do not agree so it is only me using this.
-2 fast food dipping sauce containers These are a few of the many containers we have in our fridge, we had them with little chicken bits I made, I think we are set with dipping sauces for a very long time and quite often when we say we don’t need ketchup or sauce we find it in the bag anyways.
-spoon From a fast food shake, need to remember to tell them we don’t need a spoon
-wrapper from spoon
-drink lid
-bread bag tab
-lid to soy milk I realize now that every time I have a soy milk lid I also should include the soy milk spout since it is plastic but it is not easily removable from the carton.
-seal from soy milk
-chicken broth lid the spout on this is plastic too just like the soy milk.
-3 2 liter soda bottles we went to the store for ice cream and next thing I know hubby bought three 2 liter’s of soda (will be recycled)
-gatorade bottle, I was beyond thirsty one day on my way to work and had to buy something, I love gatorade but resist buying with all my might. (will be recycled lid is reused at work as a food dish for baby geckos)
-mouthwash bottle I went to the dentist for the first time in at least 7 years and while the poor hygienist really worked for her pay that day scraping years of tartar build up off my teeth I got the all’s good (my husband says I am a cheater because I have no cavities, ever, and I haven’t been in so long and he has 5 new ones) but you may want to think about purchasing some mouthwash, not because I have horrible breath, well they didn’t say that at least ha ha, they said since I have my wisdom teeth still bacteria will tend to build up back there and mouthwash is a good idea.
-mouthwash safety seal
-14 gallon trash bag I don’t know for sure but I am guessing I took the trash out this week, I always forget to remember when I take the trash out. I am currently working my way through my regular trash bags before I start using bags made from recycled plastic. I am also contemplating going bag less but it might be kinda messy and if the apartment management saw us taking out our trash bagless we would be told not to and I hate hearing their stupidity. (I will not go into details, oh their stupidity, breathe, breathe, not worth getting angry.)
I got ambitious at some point in this week and cleaned out my cupboards of old food, a lot of the stuff was easily over a year old, like the crackers, the chips, the cereal, and the stuff out of two of the bulk bin bags. We don’t purchase items like that any more and if we do we do it in MUCH smaller quantities so we don’t get “sick” of it and still have a large amount.
I also cured my problem with ice by putting the ice I can make with one good ice tray I have into a paper bag so they don’t stick together. So no more ice bags for us.
The soda, mouthwash, and gatorade bottles are the only recyclable items, the sour cream tub is a #5 and our curbside only takes #1 and #2. I do hold on to these tubs and use some for seedlings and others for cleaning, fill with water and soap or vinegar. Also use to put odds and ends in for a bit before I realize I am hording and need to just get rid of these things. I also know that #5 is recyclable and at some point I will find some place to recycle them. I know of a few options I just haven’t gotten around to it.
The soda is not something I need or really want in the house, don’t get me wrong I drink it and I enjoy it but it is one of those things I can easily do without. My drink of choice is tea and I make all sorts of hot and iced teas, just have to remember to make the iced tea ahead of time so I actually have something cold in the fridge for me to drink. That is as convenient as a bottle of soda.
Oh and that black thing on the top right of the picture is my kitties ceramic water bowl not a plastic item in the pile.
Like I said in the comments of my last post what I am confronted with week after week is the need to think ahead and have alternative plastic free things so I don’t get “stuck” purchasing the plastic version of something, like the teas instead of soda.
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