May 5, 2008

Week 46 Results: 3.0 (?) oz of plastic waste.

Wow. I almost, almost had a plastic-free week. Thursday, we had a special meeting at work, including Chinese food for lunch. I asked that mine please be delivered in a cardboard container instead of Styrofoam. Well, I guess the order-taker understood the “no Styrofoam” part but not the cardboard. While everyone else’s lunch came in a Styrofoam container, mine was packed in a Polypropylene (#5 PP) clamshell. I didn’t even know they made clamshells out of PP!

I couldn’t bring the container home with me because I was leaving directly from work for my retreat, and there was still food inside, so I left it in the refrigerator. I’m sure the food’s been eaten by now and the container tossed. What are ya gonna do?

So that’s my tally for last week. (Like my artwork?)

Thanks to Michael once again for filling in. The retreat was perfect, in the perfectly imperfect way I wrote about a week ago. More on that in a future post. Most of all, I just want to express how profoundly grateful I am to all of you who read this blog and who are doing the best you can to take care of our world. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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Hey Beth – Beth (the Speaker) Terry here. I must say you’ve re-energized my commitment to recycling and keeping plastics at bay since we ‘met’ a few weeks ago. Great blog. Love your style and your attitude. I get so many canvas bags at all the conferences I speak at, so I’ve been keeping those in the car for shopping. I still had some ziplok bags in the house, so i take those to the grocery store with me and use them for the bulk produce, then rewash them at home for re-use. Although I’m trying to figure a better… Read more »

work lunches! Ugh! We throw more food and aluminum trays away here than I care to admit. I try to rescue them all, but I’m also busy working. This inspired me to look into other options for our catering.


It’s not hard and the only energy required is to bring the milk to a boil. None after that.

Oh, another use for the big plastic yoghurt tubs: buying dried beans, lentils, and nuts in bulk at the co-op, without needing a plastic bag. I can’t distinguish anything in my cabinets, because the outside of every container is identical… am learning to tell the difference between the sounds of lentils / soy / black / kidney beans, etc.

I can also use the containers for storing food in the freezer.

Okay, now I’m just trying to justify my yoghurt-and-plastic consumption.

Beth, I just caught up on the past few posts and WOW! Since yoghurt is my favorite food (and has been for as long as I can remember), I think it probably accounts for most of my plastic consumption. Can’t imagine living without it. I go through a tub in a week. I have stopped buying the flavored kind, so now I can use less plastic by buying one big tub instead of many small containers. I use those tubs as compost collectors until they stink, then I recycle them. Anyway, the real point of this is, why am I… Read more »
Here’s a special thank you to you, Beth: Before coming to your blog I had no idea how awful plastic was. I think I was suckered in as a child by those “Plastics Make It Possible” commercials. Thanks to your influence I’ve cut my plastic usage by at least 80% and the trend has passed on to work. Just yesterday my manager showed me the canvas tote she’s been using to bring her lunches in, since she now knows that it’s a better choice over plastic. Thank you for being an incredible blogger with an incredible message. You’re doing more… Read more »

I will not leave without leaving a comment! :)
I’m thrilled to have found your blog! Tinychoices turned me on to ya.
I often feel discouraged in the face of thoughtless overuse of plastics all around me. Reading about your reduced plastic journey has refuled my inspiration. Thanks!

can you give me some info on your retreat?