June 5, 2008

Week 50 Results: 1.1 oz of plastic waste

Finally, the tally for week ending May 31. At this point, Fake Plastic Fish is 1-1/2 weeks away from its 1-year anniversary! What will happen in year 2? That’s what I’ve been contemplating for the last few days, in between eating out with my parents, watching movies, taking walks, enjoying just being. Here’s the tally. I do have a lot more to write about, but I also have work to catch up on for my employer today, so this will be short and sweet.

The tally this week includes all new stuff:

  • Plastic outer wrapper from a 24-pack of Instinct canned cat food. No decisions in the pet food arena yet.
  • Outer seal from a 1/2 pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. This is what I do with my parents when we get together: eat ice cream! Hurray! It was late at night when they arrived in the Bay Area, and all the natural grocery stores were closed, so we shopped at Safeway, and B&J was the best I could do. There will be another of these plastic seals next week.
  • 1 plastic seal from a jar of Fudge Is My Life hot fudge sauce. I did forego the High Fructose Corn Syrup-laden jars of Hershey’s and Smuckers and held out for my fave local fudge sauce the next day. This stuff rocks!
  • 1 plastic cork from a bottle of Pepperwood Grove pinot noir. Michael won this bottle at a triva contest! He’s such a smart guy.
  • 1 plastic salad dressing container from Razan’s Organic Kitchen in Berkeley. I’m always surprised when I go out to dinner what disposable plastic I’ll end up with unexpectedly.
  • 1 plastic tag from a Cascade Green tomato cage. Jenn! We bought the tomato cage, but we still haven’t planted the tomatoes you brought over! I water them every other day to keep them alive. I swear we will plant them this weekend. But the hard part is transferring the compost from that god-awful Compost Tumbler on the roof down to the front yard and mixing it up with the dirt down there before planting.

That’s it. Rosa asked if my lifestyle changes when my parents visit. It does, a bit. I eat more ice cream than usual. I eat out in restaurants more than usual; however, I was diligent about bringing my containers with me for leftovers, and we never went the fast food route. I drive more than usual (they rented a car), but driving is necessary because it’s difficult for my mom to walk very far, especially when the whether is chilly.

I fully enjoyed their visit, and it was nice to take a little blogging break.

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14 years ago


Anarres Natural Health
14 years ago

Today, I managed to get cat food in the REAL WoRlD (not my coop) in my own repurposed plastic bag!

I can only walk about four blocks per day now with my healing pelvis, so I can only shop en route to the subway from my toddler’s daycare, so I was counting on finding some. First, the bulk store did not have cat food anymore, then all the little stores only had snack sizes. Finally, I went to the pet store (duh) across from the subway station and asked for bulk. She sold me 4 ks from a broken science diet bag she had at 30% discount. Win win!

Of course, the bag got a hole in it, and I spilled a bunch on the porch due to inattentiveness when filling the jug, but it was grand nonetheless.

Love & RRRevolution, Tracey

14 years ago

You gotta put them in the dirt soon – they won’t like those pots forever! You’ll be getting tomatoes in late September! LOL! :)

14 years ago

I have been reading your blog for a while, and I’m truly amazed! In our family, we recycle everything we can (plenty of plastic in there) and compost all we can, and we’ve gotten our weekly trash bag down to something so light we’re pretty pleased with ourselves (although we’ve never weighed it!) but I confess that it’s almost entirely plastic. Mostly bags that food came in – I’m sure I could do better with the kids’ food, but there just seem to be a lot of food that comes in plastic.

Fr. Peter Doodes
14 years ago

Just as I thought how well we were doing you post this!!!

As my school reports said, “Must try harder”.