October 12, 2008

Year 2, Week 17 Results: .2 oz of plastic waste.

I just got back from an inspiring weekend in Orange County, CA. Earth Resource Foundation held its first “No Plastic Left Behind” conference for its Campaign Against the Plastic Plague. What was truly exciting were the number of high school and college students who made the choice to spend an entire Saturday in classrooms learning about plastics and planning strategies and campaigns for their schools and communities. I’ll talk about the conference more tomorrow.

For now, here’s the weekly tally.

All new plastic waste:

  • 2 plastic envelope windows. Both are notices from USE credit union.
  • 1 plastic drinking straw. Arriving at the restaurant in Orange County Friday night for the speaker dinner, I discovered that each of us had already been served iced water with plastic straws. This is what I get for being late. No chance to request my water without a straw.
  • 1 ball of plastic food wrap. Earth Resource Foundation tried very hard to provide us a zero waste lunch on Saturday, but the message did not get through completely to the caterer. Stephanie ordered “wrap sandwiches” thinking that way we wouldn’t need any utensils. I guess the caterer heard “wrap” and decided to double-wrap the wrap sandwiches in both paper and plastic. Ah well. The best laid plans…

Going to bed early tonight. Will write more about the conference as well as a bit about plastic-free traveling tomorrow. And I’ll reveal the winner of the Sierra Club book on Wednesday.

Those who live in the SF Bay Area, please don’t forget the presentation tomorrow night at the Marin Humane Society by Anna and Marcus from the Algalita Marine Research Foundation. I’ve been told they will be showing some pictures and objects from the North Pacific Gyre that will shock us into action!

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Hay if ur so humane y u no tel evry 1 dat itz our BIRFDAYYYY yayyyy were 1 year old or so Big Klumzy Guy sez we don rly unnerstand whut iz year but nao we can haz catnips yum & nao were kinda STOAND, dude!! hey maybe we shudnt sendz dis 2 bad we dont haz Google goggles oh well kthxbai

Sorry about that! I think by bullet pointing the articles Bloggger somehow screwed up the link.

Yes! And I’ll be helping to introduce the presenters. It would be great to see you there!


Hi Beth-

Are you going to the presentation tomorrow at the Marin Humane Society? It sounds interesting.