July 13, 2008

Year 2, Week 4 Results: 3.1 oz of plastic waste.

Move along. Move along. Nothing to see here, folks. That means you, little black kitty cat. Move!

Arya has been in such big trouble this week, causing her human mom (Beth) to yell and yell and her human dad (Michael) to cover his ears and then frantically rearrange the house to give Arya fewer things to mess with, thereby causing less yelling from Beth.

And Axelle, I don’t want to hear about “Mr. Sprayer” anymore. We have “Ms. Squirter,” and she does nothing to deter Arya from scratch scratch scratching on the locked bedroom door because as soon as Arya (with her super sharp kitten ears) hears mom get out of bed, she dashes under the living room sofa and hides to avoid squirtation. Mom opens the door, and no one’s there. Once mom chased Arya around the living room at 3am just so she could squirt her little black butt (I just realized how bizarre that could sound out of context), but then Mom felt really, really bad about doing something so confusing to a furry little brain-damaged beast.

Soots, on the other hand, who is never in these pictures because he knows better than to tangle with Beth’s stuff, is now officially Mom’s favorite, even though he bites her chin every morning to wake her up.

It was a slow plastic week, so I thought I’d just fill space with kitty news. Okay, here’s the tally:

Plastic items used this week but purchased before the plastic project began:

  • 1 plastic spice container & lid. Reused for a while, but now it’s just gross and needs to be retired to plastic purgatory.
  • 1 Method hand soap container & pump. We were reusing this one for a while, too. (Haven’t used liquid soap in nearly a year since switching to bar soap.) But that’s another one of the problems with plastic: it can’t really be cleaned properly. Plastic attracts oil. Have you ever noticed how hard it is to clean grease off of it? So this container is now ready for retirement as well. Ah glass. Just love how squeaky clean it can be. Plastic will never squeak. Remember that.

And the new plastic waste:

  • 1 outer wrapper from a case of Instinct canned cat food.
  • Piece of plastic from ends of a bunch of fair trade organic bananas.
  • 1 bandaid. See? This is boring, huh?
  • 5 Refresh Endura single use eye drop containers. My eyes were doing so well (considering the chronic cornea problem I’ve got) but this week, they really flared up. I’m guessing they are aggravated by the smoke that’s invaded the Bay Area from forest fires burning around us in Northern and Central California. We’re all dry and sooty in these parts. Wanna come visit? Bring some rain!

I’ll have a funny Styrofoam story for you tomorrow.

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Ah, yes, unfortunately the Scat Mat is made of some kind of plastic-like substance. :( Which makes me glad I had the other suggestions, too…. Ummmm, you could consider a used one, maybe? if it gets really bad? Or see if someone has one you could borrow? Do you count borrowed plastic? Heck, if we didn’t have a new kitten who will need to be taught about not attacking the Christmas tree, I’d be inclined to loan you ours… I totally hear the issue with climbing on things/knocking them over. That gets annoying really fast. But the scratching IS a… Read more »
Yeah, I think the pennies would be annoying to a bedroom buddy, too. :) I think you’ll just have to wait it out — what she really wants is attention from you, and by getting up and chasing her, you’re giving her what she wants. What about just toughing it out and not responding *at all* to the scratching at the door, for as many nights as it takes? (Like the cry-it-out method for babies.) If you’re worried that she’ll damage the door with scratching, maybe you could put something in front of the door that would protect it… oh,… Read more »
Thing is, Rob, I don’t like the smell either, which is why I was cleaning with vodka. Sorry. Not having my entire house smell like vinegar just to keep the cats off. Laurie, what is the scat mat made out of? Is it some kinda plastic by chance? Don’t know about throwing pennies. I think that would drive Michael crazy as much as my yelling. The reason they can’t be in the bedroom at night is because their prowling around getting into stuff keeps me awake. If they prowl around and get into stuff in other rooms, at least I… Read more »

Beth – have you tried filling your sprayer with vinegar and water- go tmy cats to stop scratching the sofa- for a time. You spray the sofa, not the cats. They don’t like the smell

Poor kitty cat. Won’t mommie give you no lovins?

Hi, Beth: First time commenting, but have been reading/lurking for a while. You are a real inspiration, and I’m trying harder than ever to avoid plastic. It’s just everywhere, isn’t it? :P I *have* almost completely eliminated plastic bags from my life (the only ones that get through are ones other people acquire that end up with me), so I’m making SOME progress, anyway. Blister packs are the bane of my existence, though…. I am writing with a few suggestions for the cat scratching at the door issue. My first thought was a Scat Mat — it uses electricity, though.… Read more »

Try keeping a jar of pennies by the bed and throwing a penny at the door every time she scratches… it works, I swear! (Bonus — you don’t have to get out of bed.)

kitty is too cute! hope she appears in the styrofoam post. :)

great site, BTW – it has become one of my faves.

Aaaah, nothing gets me laughing as heartily as a good styrofoam story! Especially an FPF one! :-)

I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for the Styrofoam story. I just wrote a post about that for the bookworm blog.

Plastic is looking not too shabby! Neither is the kitty. :)