April 13, 2009

Year 2, Week 43 Results: .05 oz of plastic waste… Again!

Just so you know, my scale will only weigh in increments of .1 oz. For the past two weeks, it has measured my plastic waste at 0.00, so I am guessing at .05 because I know that reality is somewhere between 0.00 and .1.

The full tally for last week:

Saturday, I created a 4-panel display board using the front of an old door that Michael found, hinges from Ohmega Salvage (after spending an unsuccessful hour searching through bins of hinges at Urban Ore), and non-toxic zero-VOC stain from Eco Home Improvement. The only new parts were the nuts and bolts which came in little plastic baggies.

Then, I spent yesterday creating my Fake Plastic Sea Monster costume:

Okay, gotta get back to work! I can’t do much with a blank display board. Today, I’m creating the pictures and text that will go on the display and picking up donated items for the giveaway basket.

Oh, yeah. There’s a drawing for a plastic-free alternatives kit. So if you are available on Wednesday between 10am and 2pm, come down to Oakland’s City Hall and visit me!

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Lynn from organicmania.com
14 years ago

Beth, I love this costume! If you weren’t already married, I would set up Fake Plastic Sea Monster with the Chico Bag Man (Jason), who hangs out as a pile of plastic bags at the Green Fest. You two would be quite a pair! :)

EcoLabel Fundraising
14 years ago

I wish I lived closer also! Looking forward to the pics!


Lisa Sharp
14 years ago

I can’t wait to see pictures of you in your costume! I wish I lived closer.