August 3, 2009

Basilbias- Week Number Five

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Soy Milk Container
It turns out that vegan mayonnaise is a cinch to make from scratch!

Windowed Envelope

DVD Wrapper
From Juno, which my friend bought me for my birthday. I own about eight DVDs total; all of them were gifts.

Produce Tape

Lemon Sticker

Clothing Tag Tie Thing
From Crossroads. I believe that Goodwill is the only clothing store that doesn’t use these plastic ties.

Broken Tupperware
Or more precisely, Gladware. The semi-disposable kind, designed to be cheap enough that if you leave it at a potluck by accident, you won’t miss it. Whoever gave me food in this obviously didn’t miss it, since I certainly wasn’t the one to buy it. It finally cracked, so I had to recycle it. Its lid is still in use as a food dish for the stray cat we’re feeding in our back yard.

Tortilla Bag Rip-Off Strip
Out of laziness, I broke down and bought tortillas in plastic. I’m re-using the bag, though. There has got to be somewhere to buy plastic-free tortillas within biking distance…

Surger Thread Shrink Wrap

Total Items: 9
Total Weight: 3 oz

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