July 16, 2009

Basilbias-Week Number Four


Produce Tape

Netting Scraps
From some produce bags I made for my friend.

Seal & Pull Tab Thing from Tamari Lid

Tamari Lid

Fruit Sticker

Toothpaste Cap

Two Jar Seals
I’ve forgotten what these are from now.

Laundry Detergent Bottle
I buy detergent in powder form, but my roommate bought the liquid stuff this time because she read on the machine that that’s what you’re supposed to use. I gave her some flak about the bottle it came in, but not before she’d already bought another one (she’s much more on top of things than I could ever hope to be…)

Rice Milk Container

Items: 11
Total Weight: 6.5 oz

During week number four, I planned a little better and avoiding most plastic wasn’t too bad. I made seitan and vegan mayonnaise from scratch. The mayo was really easy, the seitan was a lot of work (usually I only make it for special occasions) but they were both delicious in my seitan salad. I also graduated from reusing plastic bags for bulk foods to bringing my own jars. The bulk counter people at the Berkeley Bowl had to do a little extra work because I had the weights written on the jars in ounces and I guess their scales only understand pounds. But I went home and did the conversions, so now all my jars are set to go.

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