August 17, 2009

BillieRyder – Plastic Trash Eating Challenge – Week #10

I lost 2 lbs last week! This brings me to a total of 6lbs in 10 weeks. I was even able to get into a pair of pants that previously wouldn’t do up. I am seeing some results here!!!!

Weight: 1 oz Items: 10

Cracker sleeve
5 x hot chocolate pots
2 milk lids + 2 zippers

Well… this week is where you are seeing what I WON’T give up. I managed to get rid of ALL of my plastic beyond what I guess is the bare minimum. Sadly, my husband broke the glass jar that the milk comes in so that won’t be getting recycled. And now he wants me to buy milk in a plastic jug. He says the glass jar is too much hassle and the kids can’t get their own cereal in the mornings.


I really miss some things. I would like to make lasagna for instance *sigh* I know I will eventually break down and make the lasagna. I am not Beth. I can certainly be mindful of my plastic trash but I don’t see myself giving up certain foods for all time just because I can’t see how to get around the issue of its wrapping.

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