August 11, 2009

BillieRyder – Plastic Trash Eating Challenge – Week #9

Zero weight loss again. I chalk this up to travel. In fact, I spent at least half of the week on travel and thought I did pretty good.

Items: 16 Weight: 3/4 oz

Thai Kitchen Soup – 3 items in total
2 forks
1 spoon
Animal crackers packet
Ginger tea
wrapper for bottle of Starbucks Mocha
plastic bag for strawberry tea bags
individual butter container
baking powder foil
baking powder lid
milk zipper
2 x hot chocolate pots

A lot of this came from travel but I think I did pretty good considering that plastic outside of my house is my downfall. The plastic spoon and fork came from eating at the hotel and the client’s cafeteria. I could have brought my fork from the hotel to the client’s cafeteria but didn’t know I needed to. The next day I brought it but ended up having soup and picking up the spoon instead. I never intended on eating the Animal Crackers but ended up eating them because I got a horrible stomach sickness while on travel and needed to eat something – anything – that wouldn’t cause me to throw up on the plane. The butter came about because I was on layover and once again needed to put something into my stomach that wouldn’t upset it. I chose a baked potato – plain – except for the bit of butter I used on it.

What can I easily replace?

The baking powder won’t be showing up again. I discovered (right after I bought it of course) that I can buy this in bulk.


You really do cheat while on travel. Sure, I didn’t actually consume tons of plastic but I am sure my restaurant dinners originally came in plastic just like it would if I had of prepared the same things at home. But since I didn’t prepare the food, I can only look at the end product which had no plastic. I ate all kinds of things that I wouldn’t have been able to eat at home and enjoyed every single bite – well… until I got horribly sick the day before I had to leave.

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