July 13, 2009

BillieRyder – Plastic Trash Eating Challenge – Week #5

I stayed the same weight wise this week. Losing weight has never been easy for me so I didn’t expect great strides. In 5 weeks, I am down 2 lbs.

I thought I did a great job this week just as long as you don’t count the bits collected from outside the house.

Items: 15 items
Weight: 3oz

The going out plastic:
water bottle
soda container + straw and lid

The regular old house plastic:
Plastic film from ice cream container
plastic sleeve from saltines
TLC cracker bag
2 milk lids plus the zipper
window from pasta box
lid from General Foods flavoured coffee
Werther’s Candy wrapper
Chamomile Herb tea
Thai Kitchen instant soup

What could I easily replace?
Plastic film from ice cream container – I was not happy to open up my box of ice cream and see this film on the inside. I bought some Edy’s ice cream this week and NO PLASTIC – not even hidden on the inside.

Chamomile Herb tea and GF coffee – I think I can replace this with loose tea from our health food store. I know they have loose tea. I am just not sure if this is one of them. Most likely, if I move away from the GF coffee, I will move to Chamomile tea as it helps me sleep. A few more of these will make it into my plastic tally because I will use up what I have before I try to buy plastic free.

And on to the outside of the house stuff which were obviously unnecessary….
I haven’t used a water bottle in months. This might even be the first water bottle I have used this year. I left my Ecousable bottle on the counter as I walked out the door to the July 4th festitivies. *sigh* It was hot out. I caved to the offer of a free bottle of water.

So I am looking at non-plastic soda cups at the movies. I order a large to share with my husband. Out pops a plastic cup that they fill up! ARGH!!!!! I almost never, ever order drinks at the movies to begin with so I find it doubly frustrating that I got nailed with a plastic cup the one time I did order one.

Convenience Foods I am willing to give up?
Umm… zero. I will not give up the Thai soup nor the crackers. Are crackers convenience foods? They must be because it is sure more convenient to buy them than to try to make them!

Necessary lifestyle changes?
For the moment, I am about at my limit. Every now and again, I find myself wandering in circles around the kitchen as I try to satisfy my junk food craving without touching anything in plastic. I have 1 candy wrapper in the listing and I think that is darned good. Occasionally, I am tired and harried and want access to a quick lunch. I think I spend even more time in the kitchen prepping food since I am making more of an effort to stay away from plastic in my food production. I am lifestyled out.

I need to work on my organization. I could have saved myself a water bottle that way.

I need to get over the feeling that someone may think of me as a nutcase if I ask questions. I should have asked if a large came in a plastic cup. It didn’t cost my anything to ask and I could have avoided the cup. But then I would have felt like I had called attention to myself and come across as a nutcase. I already feel pretty nutty.

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