June 16, 2008

Week 52 Results: 0 oz of plastic waste. Happy Blogiversary, FPF!

This Week:

Plastic Meditation
A Year Ago:

Plastic Meditation

What a year it’s been. I’ve given Fake Plastic Fish a little makeover, and I’ve uploaded the year’s worth of plastic tally photos to Flickr, where they can be viewed all together or individually with links to the original blog posts.

I’ve learned a lot, but I’m not done yet. Sure, I was careful not to accumulate plastic waste last week, but there will be more this week and in the weeks to come. Even after a year, we still have some products in plastic containers from before I started this project, and those will enter my plastic purgatory at some point. And there are plastic dilemmas I still haven’t solved: mainly in the cat food/cat litter arena.

I may take a mini blogging break this week to focus on Take Back The Filter work, getting through my email finally, and basically being a nice person for my Michael, Soots, & Arya to live with. (Yes, we finally made that chore chart last night.) Or I might not. Regardless, I have a lot more to say and even more to learn, so I’ll be back!

Don’t use plastic while I’m gone.


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15 years ago

Happy anniversary. What was interesting to me – you look healthier in the current photo compared to a year ago. But, what kind of shoes are you wearing? Perhaps another option for plastic reduction – move from plastic flip flops to another alternative… leather?

You are inspiring! I have a lot to do to get to your point. Please keep it up! Thanks for sharing your story, ideas and resources. Best wishes.

15 years ago

happy blogaversary, Beth!!!!!!!!! no plastic waste this week – you rock so hard! and thank you for fake plastic fish! my life wouldn’t be the same without it – you’ve made such an impact – so thank you!!!!!


15 years ago

Congratulations! You’ve worked hard this year… and been a great influence. Best wishes to you as you explore even more ways to prevent plastic in the upcoming years!

15 years ago

Congratulations on making a difference. I went looking for some better light bulbs for my home only to find them wrapped in much plastic. I thought of you and decided to wait until I found some that were packaged in cardboard.

15 years ago


15 years ago

Congrats, Beth!

15 years ago

Congratulations! Your journey has been very inspiring to me.

Happy blogiversary.

15 years ago

Happy Blogiversary!!

Green Plan(t)
15 years ago

What an accomplishment, congratulations! :D

Michelle Verges
15 years ago

Happy Birthday and Congratulations, you zen master of plastic!!


15 years ago

Good job! it’s a great accomplishment!

15 years ago

Huge congratulations Beth. Have a great week :-D

green eye
15 years ago

Nice, Beth! It’s amazing what you’ve accomplished. I’m half-way through my plastic-free month and still looking at your site almost every day for help and ideas! Thanks, Katie

15 years ago

Congrats, Beth! Not only have you minimized the plastic in your life, but you’ve inspired others and created a whole community around it. That’s something to be seriously proud of. Kudos for all your hard work!

15 years ago

congratulations! it’s quite an accomplishment… here’s to your continued success

15 years ago

I have been reading you daily for a while, but have never commented. I think you are great, and I really enjoy what you do. Thank goodness for people like you.

15 years ago

YAY!!! You did it! You have overcome the evil farces of dorkness!

15 years ago

felicitations !
Beth you are so inspirational for everyday life! thanks a lot

15 years ago

YOU Rock !

We had the modest goal of reducing plastic consumption and a LOT of compromise has taken place.

15 years ago

It really is unbelievable if it were not for the photographic proof!

By sitting in the lotus position a whole year you actually made all that plastic in front of you simply disappear. Your hair got longer too, of course, but the unfortunate thing (unintended consequences!) is that it appeared to kill all the plants around you as well. Oh well, good along with the bad I guess.

15 years ago

Happy Happy Joy Joy! Congratulations! I’m so impressed by your dedication to live plastic free and am always trying to integrate some of your solutions into my life. Thanks, Beth!

15 years ago

Happy Blogiversary! That’s awesome that you celebrated in plastic-free style!

You are such an amazing inspiration!

Ali Syme
15 years ago

Well done! I hear that for every ton of plastic that you recycle or save, 1.5 tons of Co2 is saved! You must have made quite a big inpact and I’ll certainly join the trend.

Green Bean
15 years ago

Congratulations, Beth! It’s amazing that it has only been a year. What an impact you have had! Enjoy your time off-blogging, if you take it.

Crunchy Chicken
15 years ago

Congratulations! We’ll have to change your name or something now that there is no “plastic” in Fake Plastic Fish.

har mar
15 years ago

omilord look at your long hippy hair compared to last year!

great job on zero plastic this week! remember IOU some anniversary cupcakes in the (hopefully near) future!!

(this is try number TWO of getting around your random letter verification thing…EVERY TIME!)

15 years ago

COngratulations and happy blogday Beth! Don’t stay away too long!

15 years ago

Happy Blogaversary! You are a role model extraordinaire – thank you!