September 1, 2008

Year 2, Week 11 Results: 1.0 oz of plastic waste.

Arya can has plastic? Well, after cooping you up in a cage for so long, I wish I could give you anything you want. But no, little kitty, u cant has plastic. Give it back pleeze.

Okay, here’s this week’s tally. Plastic items used this week but purchased before the plastic project began:

  • 1 prescription bottle and cap. Finally used up. And as I’ve mentioned before, Rx bottles cannot be refilled in the state of California. Even the vet won’t reuse them.

And the new plastic waste:

  • 1 prescription bottle and cap — Arya’s. Kitty morphine. Fun while it lasted.
  • Plastic tape from a package received this week. More on this tomorrow when I write about something I found to make drinking fun again. Soda, that is. Or iced tea. Okay, mai tais. Whatever. Are you curious?

It’s Labor Day, and I’m resting from labor. Bye.


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mew! Arya! Furs is growd back! Good kitty!

Can’t wait to see your new drinking habits… I make my own sun tea again.

Arya is looking so good. Pity about the morphine. IT is so much fun to see a kitty on drugs! LOL About plastic prescription bottles: The new MacGyver coming up in Ready Made magazine is to find a way to reuse plastic prescription bottles. Got my idea ready to send in!

Too bad that the vet won’t take back the bottle. Here in NY it is legal for vets to reuse meds containers as long as they have a cap with a veterinary id on them.
I also keep a few here at home and bring them with me when a sick animal is going to the doctor and have them fill the script into that container.
This site has me really looking at my plastic usage and waste…even those invisible ones…thanks!!

Trying to limit your plastic is sooo hard. I am new to all of this and it really makes you think of all of our waste. I have a family of five. Looking at your weekly plastic waste made me think of our daily plastic waste. Last night and this morning there were two plastic cereal bags, two plastic bags from tortillas, even the hard shells were wrapped in plastic, cracker plastic bag and a plastic bag full of cookies. OMG!!!! I am so bad. It makes me wonder what are you people eating/buying? It is sooo hard to find… Read more »

I can’t believe I am the first to post a comment on the perfection of Arya’s paws in the pic. Had she not fallen from Michael’s high shoulders and broken her limb, she wouldn’t have needed morphine in a plastic container and you wouldn’t have had to take the photo of the plastic and your public would have missed that breathtaking shot.