July 27, 2008

Year 2, Week 6 Results: .2 oz of plastic waste.

I took my mini plastic stash (.2 ounces! Yes!) outside today to hang out with my…


Okay, okay, don’t laugh. You guys told me I was an idiot to think I could grow 4 tomato plants using one cage, so I bought 3 more. The plants may not be humongous yet, and certainly not like Allie’s plants that are reportedly taller than she. (Of course, I’ve never seen what Allie looks like. Maybe she’s really, really short.) But don’t forget, I got them in the ground weeks and weeks after Jennconspiracy gave them to me, so I’m confident I’ll be up to my eyeballs in tomatoes by this fall. And learning to can them. Thanks for all your great advice.

Okay, here’s last week’s tally. It’s all new plastic waste:

  • 2 plastic tags and 2 plastic tag hangers from tomato cages. One of the three new cages was missing its tag, so I only ended up with two.
  • Plastic cap loop and foam cap insert from a bottle of fresh maple syrup. Michael’s sister visited us last week and brought a big bottle of dark maple syrup fresh from her neighbor’s trees in Western Massachusetts. Mmmmmmmmmm! The bottle was plastic, but we decanted the syrup into a glass jar, and she took the plastic bottle back home with her in hopes that her neighbor would be able to reuse it. We’ll find out.
  • Address label from the card that came with my Fudge Is My Life fudge sauce. Somehow I missed including this in the week that all that fudge sauce arrived.
  • 1 plastic seal from around the neck of a jar of Fudge Is My Life fudge sauce. So far, I’ve given away two jars and opened one for myself. Trying to limit my consumption to one moderate spoonful per day. We’ll see how that goes!
  • Plastic from the ends of a bunch of organic bananas.

Gotta get going to feed and pet Soots and Arya’s brother Robb and step brother Ginger. Our friends are out of town, so we have new kitties to play with and torture. (Just kidding, Laura!)

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Ha! I’m actually 5’6″. I’ll have to put a picture up — it’s like Little Shop of Horrors out there. I have never been so creeped out by tomatoes before!

That is an AWESOME plastic total! Go you!

They look awesome!! I can’t believe how quickly they have grown, I’m happy all four of them are doing so well. I took about six to my friend Matt’s house and two died. :( His don’t look nearly as good as yours — they are on his back deck in the Western Addition. We have to put down some black plastic or make a green house around them with clear plastic or something. Hate having to resort to the plastic but it’s a good thing that stuff is all reusable. :) Many of my tomatoes are taller than I am… Read more »


I understand you and I may meet soon for our Bay Area green bloggers meeting. Thanks for your last comment on La Marguerite. Funny you mentioned the ZipCar. I was in Oakland for a meeting last week, and noticed the ZipCars all over the public parkings.

By the way your blog reminds me of Daily Footprint Project I conducted last year. Like you, I often forgot to include stuff in my daily logs. So much of our consumption is automatic, that we are not even aware of it!

Link to Daily Footprint Project:

You will be so glad you got the extra cages. Really. when you are in your kitchen canning tomatoes like martha stewart. You will be so blissful. Really you will.