August 11, 2008

Year 2, Week 7 & 8 Results: .9 oz of plastic waste.

The last week was all about cats and fudge sauce. Kitty was hurt and mama was stressed. And mama still had half a case of fudge sauce calling out to calm her nerves. All she needed was a big spoon.

So, if you’ll recall, I did attempt to get rid of some of the fudge sauce by bribing the Californians to write to your reps about the AB2058 plastic bag legislation. Three CA readers heeded the call: Arudous, HomeSchoolMom, and Green Bean. But Arduous and Green Bean already received jars of fudge sauce. And a couple of people who don’t have the privilege of living in California, Small Change and Bobbi, wrote letters to their local officials anyway. So, I’d love to send jars of fudge sauce to HomeSchoolMom, Small Change, and Bobbi. If you all want this treat, please email me and let me know your mailing address.

With that, here’s the tally for the past two weeks. Plastic items used this week but purchased before the plastic project began:

  • 1 broken plastic frog found in a cactus pot. When I first started container gardening, I thought it was fun to buy little plastic animals to live with my cacti and other plants. Wasn’t thinking about any of the ramifications of plastic back then, and didn’t even realize that the plastic would photodegrade over time. It does. It gets brittle in the sun, breaks down, and ends up crumbling into the soil. But it doesn’t biodegrade. So we just add tiny pieces of plastic to our potting soil or ground. As the kitties say, “Not so great, ackshully.”

And the new plastic waste:

  • 1 outer wrapper from a case of Instinct canned cat food.
  • 3 plastic tag hangers. Unfortunately, I don’t remember what they came from. I don’t remember buying anything new last week or the week before, but I must have to have ended up with some tag hangers. Sigh.
  • 3 plastic seals from around necks of 3 jars of Fudge Is My Life fudge sauce. See comments above.
  • 1 piece of plastic packing tape from box of My Water flavor essence. My Water flavor essence is sold by Soda Club to flavor homemade soda water. These two bottles were sent for me to sample. Flavor essence is made from the peels of fruits and contains no sugar or any other ingredient. And really, it doesn’t actually add flavor (since the tongue can only detect sweet, sour, salty, and bitter) but rather aroma for your nose. It’s for people who want just a tiny touch of fruit without sweetness. It comes in glass bottles with small plastic caps and is shipped nearly plastic-free except for a bit of tape on outside of the box. (Perhaps this is a good example for the fudge sauce lady. If these glass bottles don’t break with nearly zero packaging, perhaps the fudge sauce jars wouldn’t either?)

That’s all the plastic for the last two weeks. There has been some generated by Arya’s traumas and vet visits, but it won’t be tallied until it’s used up.

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I recently got some tumblers as a thank you from the WWF, and they shipped them in a cardboard box with one layer of cardboard between each pair. Contrast that with Amazon, sending a (far less fragile) CD in a box 10 times too big and filling the rest of the space with those plastic bladders…

ruchi aka arduous

Oh crap. I said I was GOING to do that, and then I forgot. I’m a little scattered these days. I am a bad bad person who does not deserve FPF’s fudge sauce. Okay, I better do that right now.