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May 21, 2008

Check out my fancy new "business" card holder (and cards!)

Isn’t this just the coolest idea ever? I wish I could take credit for this recycled business card holder, but the kudos go to the geniuses at Acorn Studios, where they have full instructions for making your own! (2011 Update: The Acorn Studios link has been removed. Here are instructions on another site:

So I displayed my new Fake Plastic Fish cards in their spiffy recycled plastic holder at the monthly gathering of East Bay Green Drinks tonight, where I was invited to come and present the Take Back The Filter campaign. The cards were designed by Ed Colmar of Green Graphics, a green printing and design firm here in Oakland. He’s probably going to help me clean up this web site too, maybe in time for its one-year anniversary. Right Ed?

For those who don’t know, Green Drinks is a monthly gathering of “people interested in sustainability, including green business, architecture, design, organics, clean energy and other topics.” The crowd includes folks involved in green businesses but also representatives of environmental organizations and locals interested in hanging out with other greenies for food and fun. Our monthly Green Drinks happy hour is held at Bobby G’s Pizzeria, a certified green restaurant in Berkeley, CA. But there are local Green Drinks groups meeting in cities all over the world. Visit the official Green Drinks web site to find a group near you. It’s just fun to hang out for a few hours with other people who share your values.

So yeah, I presented the campaign tonight and met some great people, including at least one reader of this blog! I brought my laptop so people could sign the petition online. And one woman even rode home to get her used water filter and bring it back to me!

Okay, gotta find out who won American Idol tonight and then go to bed. Night night.

P.S. I almost forgot! Are any of you female bloggers planning to attend the 2008 Blogher Conference in San Francisco this July? I’m signed up for all three days, and I really, really hope to meet some of you with whom I’ve only interacted online. How about it, Organic Green locals? (You know who you are.)

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Beth Terry
13 years ago

I guess the instructions are gone from that site. But it's just a cassette case. You don't need any instructions.

13 years ago

Do you still have the instructions? The link is now dead. Figures.

plastic business card
14 years ago

Fantastic look. I like blue color you used with white combination. The business card is very important marketing tool to uplift the business. It memorize you and your company whenever the anybody take a glance at it.

plastic business card

14 years ago

LOL Casette tape holder! TOOO COOL!
But…who has cassetes any more???
Christy- I just put old cards in the paper bin- of course after I write notes all over them

14 years ago

East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse is on Telegraph, near 45th or so – probably a bit closer to my house than Beth’s —

14 years ago

No, I had no idea about Green Drinks Night. I was just wondering why my favorite pizza place was so busy!

As for cassette boxes, if you live in the bay area, the East Bay Depot for creative reuse always has them, as well as tons of other items waiting to be re-purposed.

Beth Terry
14 years ago

Tacey, the only thing about storing the cards inside the case is that you would have to break off the little parts that go through the holes in the cassette first.

Michelle, it was great to meet you. So, when you came to Bobby G’s, you didn’t know it was Green Drinks night?

Terrible Person, I see old cassettes at yard sales and even just left in boxes out on the street all the time. People have a hard time giving them away. I don’t think there’s any shortage of cassette cases.

Christy B, I just Google “recycle business cards” and found this article about things to do with old business cards:

terrible person
14 years ago

Yes, Christy. You can create what another librarian I know calls a “hipster PDA” (or you can Google the term), which is basically a bunch of index cards, or business cards, held together with a binder clip. You can write notes on the cards, then rearrange them in order of priority. She has games on hers (sudokus clipped from the newspaper pasted onto cards.) Best of all, if she drops her PDA, it doesn’t break! She doesn’t have to worry about a new model coming out and making hers obsolete so she has to figure out how to recycle it.

And you can always still use them as business cards; just cross off the irrelevant information on the front and scribble in some new on the back. (Or print out stickers.) Unless, of course, the memories are too painful or you really don’t want anyone to know where you worked before.

One problem with using cassette cases: where do you get cassettes anymore? Who uses them? (I guess you can get plenty of old ones, that people are throwing out, at thrift stores.)

Are cassettes and their cases recyclable?

I mean, *I* still use them — in fact, until pretty recently I would tape MP3s off my computer onto them, to take to the gym — but I’m a steampunk. Anyway, I wonder if some of the younger readers of this blog even know what a tape cassette is!

Remember when we made each other mix tapes?

14 years ago

It was so nice to meet you yesterday. I had no idea about green drinks, but it’s all making sense now.

Anyway, I hope I wasn’t too creepy introducing myself out of the blue like that, but I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog.

Thanks for all your hard work.

christy b
14 years ago

Does anyone have any ideas for recycling business cards?


14 years ago

David won on AI. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Sorry I missed Green Drinks… was busy collecting stuff for party on saturday. Got rice paper rolls – turns out they are a shelf product, do I have to soak them or spray them with water before making summer rolls?

Anarres Natural Health
14 years ago

Brilliant!Saves me from having to create cardboard contraptions! Plus you can carry the cards around in them once closed!

14 years ago

Beth-I love this idea. A tape cassette! I have a ton of them in my GreenDisk box to be recycled. Now I know what to do with them. I am going to give them out at the next Green Drinks for people to reuse.

Anna @green talk