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April 20, 2016

Buying and Storing Meat without Plastic


Meat exists.

There, I said it.  And I have found ways to buy and store it without plastic packaging.  I’ve wanted to share some of these ideas on this blog but have stopped myself out of fear of reprisals from those who feel that if I really cared about the environment, I would not only stop eating it myself but would also not mention its very existence.  But living from fear, or at least that particular fear, ends today.  I’m getting pretty burned out from writing what I think people want me to write rather than what I actually feel excited to share.

For four long years, I ate only a vegetarian diet, and the only meat I bought was for our cats (who are obligate carnivores.)  In fact, I wrote a very reasoned and heartfelt blog post about why I decided to become a vegetarian.  But while my heart and mind loved the idea of being a vegetarian, my body didn’t.

Two years ago, I started doing accounting for a family-owned,… Read the rest