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May 20, 2008

"Take Back The Filter" takes on "Bay to Breakers"!

Take Back the Filter Bay to Breakers

Well, I put out the call, and Tanya and Christa volunteered to help me, dressed as a BRITA filter, get across San Francisco. They came over Saturday night, along with my friend Mark who pretty much majored in costumes and makeup in college, to work on costumes and signs and eat pizza. (BTW, we ordered pizza from Rustica on College Ave and requested it be delivered without that little plastic thing in the middle that keeps the lid from sticking to the cheese. And you know what? The lid and cheese did just fine without that little plastic thing.)

Here’s a link to the full article on the Take Back The Filter site.

And here’s a link to more photos from the day.

Along the way, dese frat guys with some kine beer machine begged me to be da first water filter to do a “full extension.” Wow. That sure was tempting. But I was on a mission and politely declined their generous offer.

Gotta run. Gotta finish up my work and get home so Mark and I can put the finishing touches on our Amazing Race application video. Life in the Fake Plastic Fish tank is never boring.

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Gruppie Girl
15 years ago

You go!

How many people are so devoted to a cause that they would dress-up like a water filter? Give yourself a pat on the back for educating more people.


15 years ago

Thanks muddyboots! I’m working on my goal to be more audacious.

15 years ago

Requesting that they leave off the little plastic thing from your pizza: so thorough. Rock on.

That German costume/sign combo is hilarious. Any excuse to wear the pigtail wig, right?

15 years ago

You look fabulous!

15 years ago

re the little plastic thing that stops the pizza from sticking to the lid of the box.
Our local pizza joint uses a blob of bread dough baked in the middle of the pizza instead. The only down side is the kids fighting over who gets to eat it!
P.S. The blog is awesome.

Green Bean
15 years ago

Killer costume! Way to break the Breakers. And I can’t believe that pizza make it to your house intact, without that uber necessary plastic thing in the middle!

15 years ago

AWESOME!!!! Just awesome.

15 years ago

Beth–Yea for you and your cohorts–any response from Brita? Beany, I’m VERY old compared to all of you (47, but still with youngish kids at home so I’m surrounded by a wide variety of ages at kid functions)and I can tell you it gets WAY easier with age, and I wish I would have known this in my 20s and 30s! We live in an area where 98% of the population voted for Bush, and people still know (and seem to accept) that I’m a”leftist commie deomcratic union tree hugging liberal” and now I’m the “go to” person when there is a question regarding alternative energy or recycling questions. Just be yourself, because no matter where you go, there you are!

15 years ago

Sorry, dont me to be a comment whore, that should read“would be leftist commie democratic union TREE HUGGING liberal”

15 years ago

Beth- the group looked great! Sounds like you had a fun day!

Beany- we had this discussion at work tonight. Everyone knows I am a would be leftist commie democratic union liberal- proud of it. Just watching the as everyone hops aboard the bandwagon. It’s cool/ LOts of room on my bandwagon.

15 years ago

Hi Beth-

You look soooo CUTE as a Brita water filter! :) It suits you! Tee hee hee… Thanks for a fun day!

To Beany above: Show your true colors! Why hide? Life’s too short! And our planet needs you!

15 years ago

This is the cutest thing ever!

I love the costume. Don’t mean to be rude…but does it get easier as one grows older and wiser to be more audacious and care less about what others think and more about one’s own ideas? I haven’t quite gotten over being taunted as a kid, and am afraid of inviting more taunting if I start showing my true enviro-colors. :)