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October 20, 2008

Speshul Anounsmint frum SootsnArya

So HAI Faek Plasstick Fishy peeplz! U all noz last week wuz our 1 yr BIRFDAY! C us sellebrating? OK Soots ur doin it rong akshully. Party hat FAIL. Ennyway Mommybeth iz anemick tonite after she donated blud. Maybe iz becuz we vampire kittehz sucks her blud at nite nyeh heh heh no not till Halloweenz. So she lets us rite post if Big Klumzy Guy will soopervize.

Mommybeth sez nao dat we iz BIG CATS not lytl kittens she will cookz us fud “frum skratch” 2 avoyd plastick rap and BPA canz & we don get dis will she skratch at our skratching post & fud will jus appeer? Y don *we* jus do skratching ourselz & cutz out midllman or midllwomin or wutever. Wao daz a lot about skratching we gess *dis* wuz a skratching post LOL. Mommybeth sez she will put up weakly plasstik tally 2morow wen she not feelz so weekly.

O hay also u allz votez 4 Obama rite rite rite?? he iz verry kool & we wud votez 4 him but we are 2 young & plus were CATZ & we triez 2 get Acorn 2 register us but they cudnt. Obamacat sez “It duzn’t matter if u are blak cat or wite cat. It duzn’t matter if u are tabby or calico or simeze. We r all catz. We all skratches at teh same post. We all nomz teh same fud. Teh thingz dat unites us r much grater den teh thingz dat dividez us.” Yay! Evrybuddy go votez 4 him kthxbai.

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15 years ago

Thank you Michael, I really needed a good giggle today!!

15 years ago

Ohhh jeez I laughed so hard I cried at the Obama/Acorn jab. No need for apologies – it was funny.

15 years ago

Soots & Arya – HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm glad you have daddymichael to type for you – I like your posts and I am happy to see them from time to time.

Carmine wanted to go visit you guys last night but he didn't wanna cross 51st street by himself.

15 years ago

BC katz sey: meese ar good eatin’ and no platik!

Beth Terry
15 years ago

Apologies to those who were annoyed by this post, which, by the way, was not written by me. Those kitties are supervised by their human dad Michael when they leave comments and also last night, when they offered to fill in for me. I seriously couldn’t move from the couch.

But I will restrict them to leaving occasional comments and no more full-length posts. I promise. After today, it will be safe to come back!


15 years ago

I agree with the green cat.

15 years ago

I generally run from LOLspeak, but I read through all of this and it was SO WORTH IT, particularly the last paragraph. Thank you for making me laugh today – I’ve had a horrible day at the dentist and at work…and I needed it.

The Green Cat
15 years ago

Ok, seriously? Now I have a headache. Can you promise to never make me read an entire post in LOLcat-speak again? As cute as those kitties are, they need to speak English! LOL

15 years ago

Sorry. That looks way crankier than it sounded in my head. Midterms are making me crazy.

The objection stands–I come here for inspiration in the plastic battle and did not expect to have to translate the message.

15 years ago

Wow. The title is so annoying that I can’t bring myself to read the post. Is there not enough illiteracy on the ‘net? Must we showcase it now as posts from cats?

Perhaps it *is* cuteness incarnate and I am simply incapable of appreciating it. This is not what I come here for. If I feel the need for baby-talk, I will go find a baby.

15 years ago


Don’t forget to have the kittehs register in a swing state!

15 years ago

PS: mebbe u wud laik dis website:

15 years ago

Catbloggng, ur doin it rite!

ruchi aka arduous
15 years ago


Tell Soots and Arya they need to start blogging more often. ;)

15 years ago

Oh my goodness! That is the funniest thing I’ve read all week. Literally LOL! :-D

For someone who claims to be feeling weak, that seems like it must have taken a lot of effort to right! Or maybe a serious dose of delirium! :-)

Happy Birfdays to teh kittehs!